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Year: 2018

Thai title: ฉากและชีวิต
English title: Scene and Life

Rating: 3/5
Director: Boonsong Nakphoo

Main actor: Boonsong Nakphoo
Main actress:

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Thai movie ฉากและชีวิต - Scene and Life was released in year 2018 and lasts 1h26mn. Movie director is Boonsong Nakphoo. The movie features many small scenes of rural life in a remote Isan village. Isan is the Northeastern region of Thailand. This region is still heavily relying on agriculture and a big part of its workforce is living in big cities such as Bangkok. Phi Son is living a simple day by day life in the village. His girlfriend is leaving him as she is going to work in Bangkok. An older farmer has a crisis while putting insecticide on rice. As most of the people are gone to work in cities, there is nobody to help him. Only old people and children stay behind in the village. Children interview an old lady about the life in the village before. Nowadays farmers only grow rice species giving harvest in 3 to 4 months and use a lot of pesticide. A man is selling the house in which his father is still living as it is made of old teak, so it has some reselling value. A man has family issue as his wife left him. His car runs of petrol and stops by near a Buddhist temple. Nobody from his family is willing to help him as he calls them by phone. Only the temple abbot gives help, i.e. allowing him to sleep, preparing a bed for him, giving him food for breakfast, giving him petrol for him to continue his journey. A teacher is dedicated to his job despite the children seem not to care. In parallel he needs to manage his own kids. A father (Boonsong Nakphoo) is teaching his son to cook but it is a disaster as the meal is not good. Youngsters are not willing to cook by themselves anymore while their mother is working in Bangkok. So a vegetable merchant has poor business as most people are buying cooked meals. A father is sending his daughter to the bus station as she is going to work in Bangkok to pay debts.

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