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คนจน ผู้ยิ่งใหญ่
คนจน ผู้ยิ่งใหญ่

Year: 2010

Thai title: คนจน ผู้ยิ่งใหญ่
English title: Poor people

Rating: 4/5
Director: Boonsong Nakphoo

Main actor: Boonsong Nakphoo
Main actress:

Thai movie คนจน ผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ / Poor people the great was released in year 2010 and lasts 1h16mn. Movie director is Boonsong Nakphoo. It is a movie released by Plapen Wai Thuan Nam Film Studio. Boonsong Nakphoo is also acting in his own movies. He made it after discovering that he could not make the film in his own way in the mainstream. This film was shot by a Canon 7D camera and acted by all non-actors and teamwork with almost no experience in filmmaking. Villager Choo has 20,000 THB debts and is in trouble. He travels by using an old bicycle. He has to use a phone booth to contact relatives. He complains his teen son Sorn is always out with his friends. His wife left him. Choo tries to find a job, but there is no small job available. The local carpenter or the local Buddhist temple have no job to offer. Choo is not willing to go to Bangkok as expenses are high and benefits are less. He prefers to stay in the village even if salaries are lower because expenses are lower. His old mum prays the local ancestors (ปู่) and is wishing good fortune to her family. Some people owe money to Choo, but they have no money to give back. It is an endless cycle. Other villagers push him to go to Bangkok as there is no job in the village. Kids are selling beer bottles to the local recycler (Boonsong Nakphoo) to get some pocket money. The man has to pay a fee to the local policeman to close his eyes. He is checking that the kids are not addicted (เล่นยา). One villager is back from overseas. He invites Choo and recommends him to work overseas but as Choo is poor, nobody will lend him money. Choo tries to grab Nop, who owes him money, but Nop has fled away. Choo goes up to Sukhothai, but Nop has been fired as he was stealing from the cash register. Choo has issues with his son as kids have nothing to do and indulge in cheap drugs. As they are sons of poor people, they see themselves having no future. Boonsong Nakphoo encourages the youngsters to become singers as they like to play music. Being darked skinned, poor, ugly, they don't see how they could achieve their dreams. Poor people have a good heart as there is always water to drink when visitors are coming. It is a vicious cycle as Choo tries to borrow money to pay his debts, but nobody wants to lend him money. The youngsters sing the Carabao song คนจน. Boonsong Nakphoo recommends them to do a demo tape. The youngsters steal some steel at nighttime to resell it to the recycler Boonsong Nakphoo, believing it belongs to their parents. Choo wishes to mortgage his land, but the mother is reluctant. Sorn is arrested for theft. Choo finally borrows 30,000 THB and has to give back 36,000 THB in 4 months. Choo bails his son. The mother Toy is back from Bangkok for one day. She brings some gifts, but the son is upset that she didn't visit for many years. She claims she didn't have enough money. She tells Choo to contact her if anything occurs, but she never answered when Choo called her from the phone booth... Boonsong Nakphoo visits Sorn but he is not here. The grandmother mentions he is gone to Bangkok with his father.

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