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Year: 2005

Thai title: เสือร้องไห้
English title: Crying Tiger

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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This movie is a reality film about 4 people from Isan area. They have moved to Bangkok to find a job. It deals about their life, their hopes and sorrows. 3 men and 1 woman are interviewed. The men are working as stuntman, country folk singer, aspirant comedian. The woman is a taxi driver dreaming to drive a big truck so she could be able to visit her parents more often. The stunt man is lying to his parents saying he is a real actor and he dreams to be a stuntman for superstar Tony Jaa. The aspirant comedian is willing to do all tasks and wear silly costumes as a restaurant tout in order to join a well-known comedy troupe. The country folk singer is famous but still living in a cheap motel as he wishes to go back home in Isan one day. It has been filmed over one year. They were able to achieve their dreams. Like many Isan people, they are coming to Bangkok to achieve dreams and get rich. The micro-budget documentary feature Crying Tiger couldn't cover its production costs, grossing only 1.3 million baht.

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