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สมศรี 1995 ตามน้องที่คาเฟ่
สมศรี 1995 ตามน้องที่คาเฟ่

Year: 1995

Thai title: สมศรี 1995 ตามน้องที่คาเฟ่
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sompop Wong Ko,Krissanapong Rachata,Jai Juntamooltree
Main actress: Darin Kornsakoon

Thai movie สมศรี 1995 ตามน้องที่คาเฟ่ was released in year 1995 and lasts 82 minutes. This movie relates the plight of Isan migrants coming to Bangkok to earn money to support their family staying in remote villages. They often end up in low status jobs such as construction workers, server, singers... They are often abused. Relationships between couples are strained due to distance. Same acting team (Sompop, Krissanapong...) is featured as in Panna Rittikrai’s action movies. Sri (Darin Kornsakoon) and Yot (Sompop Wong Ko) are going to marry. Sri's father has debts and has difficulty to reimburse as cows' value got down. Yot leaves the village to find a job and to help paying the debt. Mafia is giving them a warning. Krissanapong Rachata is also asking for 2000-baht debt. The father complains Sri is not helping enough. Sri leaves for Bangkok to find a job. She is aggressed in Bangkok and her bag is stolen. Luckily some other Isan migrants help her. She finds a job in a restaurant. She shares room with Pon. Pon's sister, a singer, Taew, has to accept Sia (เสี่ย) Jimmy's request to sleep with him. It is difficult for the restaurant owner to go against the influence of Sia Jimmy. Sri starts as server (เซิร์ฟเวอร์) with a 2000-baht salary and tips. She wishes to become a singer (นักร้อง). She sends money to her parents to support them to pay their debts. She forgets Sompop, who is still waiting for her letters. One of the orchestra musicians starts to have interest in Sri (คนบ้านนอก) as she has a good mindset. Aware of her singing skills, the manager promotes her as singer (นักร้องคาเฟ่). Yot, concerned of now receiving any news from Sri, decides to go back home. Jai Juntamooltree is a as customer. Yot learns from Sri's parents that she left to find a job to Bangkok. Sia Jimmy is interested by Sri but she refuses. He gives her one more chance to think about it. Sri's friends recommend her to back to countryside, but she refuses as she has not earned enough money to pay back the debt. Sri tries to find new excuses with Sia Jimmy but he is losing patience and tries to force her to follow him. Her friends interpose and the restaurant's owner has to calm down Sia again. Sri has no choice but to go back home. Meanwhile luckily Yot helps the musician aggressed by Jimmy's men. He brings Yot to Sri's house but she has just been kidnapped! Yot, the musician and his friends storm Jimmy’s place. They defeat Jimmy’s ruffians and Jimmy is arrested by Thai police. Yot and Sri can go back to countryside to marry.

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