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โคลนนิ่ง คนก๊อปปี้คน
โคลนนิ่ง คนก๊อปปี้คน

Year: 1999

Thai title: โคลนนิ่ง คนก๊อปปี้คน
English title: Cloning

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Amphol Lumpoon
Main actress: Siriyakorn Pukkaves

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Niwat is a software engineer. During an exposition, he is hurt and sent to hospital. The doctor keeps a blood sample as he is secretly working on cloning. Thanks to a foreign professor, they succeed to clone humans. The experience goes wrong and Niwat's clone succeeds to escape. A bad businessman is also trying to catch the clone. The clone tries to get rid of Niwat and threatens Niwat's girlfriend. Will Niwat overcome his clone?

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