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Year: 1994

Thai title: กาเหว่าที่บางเพลง
English title: Kawao at Bangpleng

Rating: 5/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Loi kratong festival is happening in a village close to Sukothai on a full moon night. Everybody is making wishes (get a baby, get married after two years of work in Bangkok...). Even the Buddhist novices wish to join the festive mood. Suddenly a huge mysterious UFO appears. People are paralyzed. A strong beam hits people. The UFO disappears and nobody can remember anything. On the following day, many women including teen girls, grannies, nuns vomit and are diagnosed as being pregnant! So all the 200 women of the village are pregnant simultaneously. The temple abbot knows that the phenomena is not natural but has no explanations. A doctor and a teacher investigate. One night, a mysterious beam hit the women again. On the following day, they deliver their baby after a few months of pregnancy only. The children grow fast. After one year, they look like four years old children. They are also more intelligent. They then all go to school. After 2 months, the first year program is already finished. Their behavior is different from other Thai children. They don't play childish games and always look in the direction of the moon. The children born from the nuns want to stay in the Buddhist temple and are the leaders of the group. They become teens very fast. One night, one teacher finds the children eating raw chicken. On the following day he is found hanged. On the funeral day, everybody is crying except them. They have no feeling, no consciousness of cold, heat, rain. Their leader challenges the abbot on Buddhist precepts and beliefs. A second man looking for frogs during rain time is found dead. Police inspector authority gets challenged by the children group. Their leader can hypnotize people. The children are responsible of cows and porks disappearance in the village. A dreadful cemetery is found with all skulls. They have a plan to invade the planet Earth. One of the children has more human feelings than his colleagues. He convinced the others to help stop a flooding. Following huge telepathic efforts, some of the children start to be very sick and are sent to hospital. Some of them die. The group leader sees the parents grievance and the efforts done by the villagers to save the children. He also understands that this world of birth, suffering, death is the reality as mentioned by the abbot. The UFO is finally taking them away. It is based on a book written by Kukrit Pramoj. There were a controversy about plagiarism when it was released as a similar movie adapted from the book The Midwich Cuckoos(1957). This movie can be seen as the teenage confrontation with society, as a fight between 2500 years Budding teachings and modern concepts from outside.

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