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หนุมานพบ 5 ไอ้มดแดง
หนุมานพบ 5 ไอ้มดแดง

Year: 1974

Thai title: หนุมานพบ 5 ไอ้มดแดง
English title: Hanuman and the Five Kamen Riders

Rating: 4/5
Director: Sompote Sangduenchai

Main actor: Yodchai Meksuwan,Phirapon Piyawan
Main actress: Tanyarat Lohanan

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Producer-director Sompote Sangduenchai has made movies covering the "Thai-style kaiju" and costumed Ultraman movies made in years 1970s and 1980s. He has reused footage from other Kamen Rider movies so making this movie montage a little bit strange from time to time with a succession of sequences without link. There are kitsch fx effects from 1970s decade including super computers with many big lights and weird sounds. Those movies are under Chayo productions. All Chayo movies (ไชโยภาพยนตร์) have Sompote's specific touch. King Dark, monsters' leader, needs to drink blood from women or children. Hopefully the Five Kamen Riders (ไอ้มดแดง or red ants) can always stop them. Those Japanese characters are adaptated to Thai customs. The five Kamen riders always succeed to be there when problems with monsters (สัตว์ประหลาด) occur. King Dark refuses to drink blood dog so he needs to find a way to get rid of the Five Kamen Riders. Three men fall in hell (ตกนรก) as they stole Buddha statue heads. A kid tries to stop them but is shot dead. He is reincarnated into Hanuman. Sinners (ทำบาป) are punished and Buddha heads are restored. Yama (พระยม), the hell god, checks his hell book (บัญชี is a map!) and they are condemned to many torments. Sompote Sangduenchai's adaptation is certainly not a film for children as many naked women and men are tortured in the representation of Buddhist hell. The monsters help one of the sinners to escape hell in order to fight the Five Kamen riders. He succeeds to capture famous Doctor Wisut. Doctor Wisut refuses to help but the monsters kidnap his girlfriend Julie to coerce him. He has no choice but to accept doing a Frankenstein creature to fight the Five Kamen riders. The new creature has the same face as Frankenstein in foreign movies. A succession of fights take place and King Dark's aliens are defeated. King Dark needs to move to Ayuthaya (เมืองใหม่). The Doctor is forced again to do a machine to make monsters to catch young ladies for their blood. Their blood is not good as they eat bad food. So they break their promise by taking Julie's blood (กินเลือดสาวบริสุทธิ์จะมีอายุนาน, มีพลัง). The Five Kamen Riders are finally defeated by King Dark but Hanuman helps them (ทำให้ฟื้น). They make an alliance against the monsters. They enter in their headquarters then free doctor and Julie. King Dark flees and starts a rampage in Bangkok same as Godzilla. Nobody can stop him except Hanuman. Hanuman fights in a Thai relax dancing way (สบายสบาย) and defeats King Dark. The traitor is brought back to hell (ตกนรกอีก) and his head is cut (ทำบาปก็ต้องใช้บาป). The movie is worth as it is a Thai adaption of Japanese characters by famous director Sompote adding a lot of Thainess. A 1976 agreement limited Sompote's copyright to only nine movies made by Sompote Sangduenchai in the 1970s.

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