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Year: 1973

Thai title: ท่าเตียน
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Sompote Sangduenchai

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sukon Koewliam,Thep Thienchai,Sompong Phonmitr
Main actress: Prim Praphaporn

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Thai movie ท่าเตียน was released in year 1973 and lasts 1h40mn. It was released under VCD by company Tiga and features a colorful and sharp picture. Movie director is Sompote Sangduenchai. It was his first movie. Producer is Chaiyo Productions. The movie was successful and got 1.4M Baht revenue in Bangkok and 3M Baht in other provinces. Sompote got the movie idea when studying in Japan and seeing movies successes such as Daimajin and Godzilla. This modern movie even features film credit order at the end of the movie. A man is killed by a Yak statue as he was stealing a Buddha statue from a temple. A weird egg falls from space to the earth. The egg is rejected by a snake. It is eaten by a frog, but it causes stomach ache to the frog, so it is also rejected. The egg gets bigger and explodes. Inside the frog, there is a beautiful princess (นางงาม)(สุภัค ลิขิตกุล), named Shaba, wearing Thai traditional dress. The frog takes refuge in an elderly man’s (คุณตา) home. Her gods’ parents (including Prim Praphaporn) are missing their daughter. The father, Ma Sing, comes to earthen world to find her daughter. Thai comic actor Thep Thienchai appears with a western spaghetti music introduction. Allen (Sombat Methanee) and Sompong Phonmitr are scientists currently staying in a forest camp. The deity Ma Sing helps one worker, called Soda, attacked by a snake. To thank him, Allen promises to help him to find his daughter even if it is hard to believe it is a princess. Funny sequence occurs with Sompong watching two young naked ladies playing with water in a forest pond. A gorilla asks him to borrow his glasses to watch also. On the following morning, they split to look for the princess. Allen and Sompong go together but they are attacked by a rhinoceros and tiger. Ma Sing and Soda go together but they are attacked by small dragons (สัตว์ประหลาด). Soda is killed. The action is probably shot in Nan area as it features weird sand formation. Due to the danger, Ma Sing asks Allen (นาย) to go back. Sudden inondation occurs. Sompong is eaten by a crocodile. The uncle rescues Allen. Allen recovers in uncle's house thanks to the princess Shaba. The uncle tells her to be careful with Bangkokian people (ชาวกรุง, ใจบาป) but she trusts Allen. Allen and Shaba leave for Bangkok and visit Wat Arun. She goes to Wat Po with a Yak. She invites one of the Chinese guardian statues to join them. They arrive in hotel Dusit Thani. The Chinese deity wishes to go to massage (อาบอบนวด)! Misunderstanding occurs between the Yak and Chinese guardian so they start to fight (ยักษ์อาละวาด). The movie ends up by a Karma lesson.

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