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Year: 1996

Thai title: เรือนมยุรา
English title: House of the Peacock

Rating: 4/5
Director: Cherd Songsri

Main actor: Saranyu Wongkrachang,Ruj Ronnapop
Main actress: Darin Kornsakoon

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In 1775, a Brahmin priest casts an eclipse. It was during Ayuthaya period when fights with Burma were frequent. Lady Nok Yung and her suite stays in the house of the Peakcock (เรือนมยุรา), which is now out of the time realms and out of reach of Burmese soldiers. Lady Nok Yung made a wedding promise to a noble soldier called Wai Wongsa. Nowadays, on the way to Ayuthaya, a young man, called Pranai, just avoids bumping in a young lady crossing the road. She smiles and disappears in a tree. Is she a ghost or a tree spirit (นางไม้)? Pranai has same face as noble soldier Wai Wongsa. Pranai is the owner of a Siam antiques shop. Today it is Pranai's birthday. He is still single. His sister tries to marry him but to no avail. His sister tries to push young lady Fai. Pranai still wants to meet the mysterious girl. He stays near the tree. Nok Yung needs food for 20 people for one month. Pranai agrees to give but wants to know and understand. Nok Yung agrees to visit Ayuthaya area. She realizes that Sri Ayuthaya was burnt down. Nok Yung asks Pranai not to visit her again. Pranai learns meditation to see his past. Pranai's sister and Fai believes he is possessed by a ghost (ถูกผีเข้า). They use a sorcerer (หมอผี) to cure Pranai and chase the ghost. Meanwhile Arawee, a local young actor, lies to Yipoo, another lady staying in the house of the Peakcock, in order to seduce her by pretending he is an Ayuthaya soldier. He succeeds to enter in the house and so the spell protecting the house is broken. Inhabitants have to flee. The sorcerer and acolytes fight over the gold. Fai's father, called Fa Feun, prevents the robbing. Pranai helps Nok Yung and invites her in his home. Fa Feun loves Nok Yung and gives money to Pranai in order that he breaks up with Nok Yung. Pranai refuses and is looking for a way to send back Nok Yung into the past. Arawee is Waiwongsa's current reincarnation. Believing into karma (กรรม) and in order not to break her promise done 221 years ago, Nok Yung accepts to marry Arawee. Pranai is in despair. Finally Fa Feun convinces Arawee not to marry as Arawee is more interested in his acting career. Pranai is not willing to marry Nok Yung anymore as he believes she is too nice to live in 20th century. The house goes back to the past but Nok Yung finally stays happily with Pranai. This movie questions the old-fashioned morals that are being lost in modern Thailand. Some traditions are getting lost (smile, not speak loudly, no lies). Bangkok development threatens the country-side. We need to take care more of our heritage. The trailer is the TV serie shot in 2540.

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