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Year: 1971

Thai title: จำปาทอง
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Wassana Chalakorn

A mother talks to her son Virathep (วีระเทพ) (Mitr Chaibancha). She tries to convince him to marry a young woman called Soraya (โสรยา) (Wassana Chalakorn) coming from a rich family also. Virathep is reluctant and flees from the house. Virathep is a former art student graduated in painting. Having a sip in a bar with a friend, Virathep helps a man (Chat Mongkolchai) beaten by a few ruffians as he was protecting a mother and his daughter. Virathep is welcomed in the mother's house. Virathep's mother is upset that he left the house. Around the forest near the house some tree nymphs (น้างไม้) wearing traditional Thai dresses and living in trees. While painting, Virathep hears Aranya (จำปาทอง) singing so he asks to do her portrait. Virathep’s mother is still pushing him to marry. The original film is mute as it is in 16mm format but some songs can still be heard a bit as those parts were recorded in 35mm format. Virathep goes back to Bangkok and misses Aranya. They pray and go back to the past during Ayuthaya period. They loved each other but Virathep was killed during a fight with Burmese soldiers. Learning Virathep's death, Aranya died on the spot and her spirit (วิญญาณ) became a tree nymph. Will their love be successful this time? The mother and the girl fiancee to Virathep meet Aranya. Issues happens between them. The fiancee follows Aranya up to the forest but Aranya chases her away by making her clothes fly away. The fiancee realizes she is a ghost. As usual there are second comic relief roles in Mitr Chaibancha's 1960 movies. The mother and fiancee hire an expert (อาจารย์) to chase Aranya away. They put some magic cloth (ยันต์) on her tree to prevent her to enter it again. Aranya becomes invisible and plays tricks to the mother and fiancee. Afraid, the mother orders to cut all trees near Aranya's refuge. Meanwhile Virathep gets from another magic expert a potion. A fight erupts as Virathep tries to prevent ruffians to cut trees. Invisible tree nymphs help him as ruffians are numerous. After pouring the sacred water on Aranya, she becomes visible again. Aranya is now a human being also. First the mother rejects this union as she has a promise to fulfill with the fiancee's mother. But finally their love will win. The movie is 1h32mn left only as the last movie reel is missing. When Mitr Chaibancha came back from Hong Kong on 05 Oct 1970, a few sequences (when wearing old Ayuthaya soldier clothes) for this movie were filmed on the 06 October. Mitr Chaibancha died during an accident on 07 Oct during movie Insee Thong shooting.

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