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Year: 1970

Thai title: แม่ย่านาง
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Neramit

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Sor Asanajinda,Sithao Petcharoen,Lor Tok,Preuhat Boonlong,Rong Kaomulkadee
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Sopha Sataporn,Kaenjai Meenakanit

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แม่ย่านาง is a 1970 movie in VCD format featuring a still colorful picture and lasting 1h54mn. An additional 30mn reel (the reel number 2) is available through a Thai collector. Young lady Prang (Sopha Sataporn) is waiting for Jiaw (เด็กวัด) to give alms (ตักบาตร) to the monks but he doesn't come today. Jiaw (Mitr Chaibancha) is a temple boy with a kind heart (ใจบุญ) so seeing Jom and his friends trying to steal money donated to the temple, he tries to prevent them to rob money to buy alcohol. Unfortunately he gets accused by Jom so the abbot believes he is the robber. Jiaw is chased from the temple. He decides to sell food (ขายของ) with his two friends by navigating on a boat on river and canals. A mysterious spirit Mae Ya Nang (ผีหลอก) (Pissamai Wilaisak) on the boat bow helps them to get business. Jae (Kaenjai Meenakanit), a shop vendor, likes Jiaw a lot but he is not interested. Sithao Petcharoen has issues with his wife as she doesn’t accept he has mistresses. Prang is seen as a young sister (น้องสาว) only by Jiaw. Jiaw seems to love his boat more than anything else despite strong interest from Jae and Prang. Jae is under a charm (ถูกเสน่ห์). A local villager has recruited a black magician (Lor Tok)(หมอผี) to make a love philter to seduce Jae. As uncle Man (พฤหัส บุญหลง - Preuhat Boonlong) breaks the spell, the black magician tries to kill uncle Man. As it fails, he sends Jom and his team protected by magic tattoos. Once again the spirit Mae Ya Nang (แม่ย่านางเรือ) protects Jiaw. In a previous life, the mysterious lady and Jiaw knew each other. The mysterious lady was a princess (ลูกหญิง). As the King's boat (พระองค์) was attacked by pirates, the King ordered Jiaw to take away the princess and to protect her. Jom, who was the head of soldiers, was treacherous to his King and killed him. Sor Asanajinda is the father of Jom. Before dying, Jiaw's friend succeeded to reach him and told the truth about Jom. Spade fighting happened between Jom and Jiaw. Jiaw won and Jom died (ทรยศ). The princess didn't trust the uncle Sor and asked Jiaw to organise their escape. Jiaw was split between his love to the princess and the love to the kingdom. The uncle Sor asked him to leave to preserve the princess. As he finally refused, he was killed by a guard. Knowing his death, the princess got suicide. Back to the present, the black magician sends Jom to kill Jiaw and the uncle Man. Prang and Jae are kidnapped by the black magician (อาจารย์). Jiaw shall avoid any bad actions (จ้องเวร จ้องกรรม) to hope being reunited with the princess one day. Jom kills the black magician as he made a love philter for himself to seduce Jae and Prang instead of doing it for Jom. Through a final fight with Jom, Jiaw is killed while protecting the abbot (in fact the king in a previous life) with his own body. Jiaw failed to protect the King in his previous life but in this life, he saves the monk. Jiaw and the princess are reunited in heaven. The 1h54mn movie is really great but the additional 30mn reel reveals additional details of the movie: Jae is upset that Jiaw prefers to sleep on the boat than with her. Jiaw helps to prevent a kidnapping of Jae. Sithao suggests Jom to visit the black magician to get spells. He is a bad guy always trying to abuse for his own purpose people asking for love philter. Through a sexy scene with an unknown veteran actress, the black magician makes a love philtre to seduce her instead of doing one for her to seduce back her husband Sithao. It is highly probable that this scene would have been cut on any VCD release. Seeing the power of love filters, they recommend the black magician to the villager trying to seduce Jae. As old movies were long, each actor / actress always had the opportunity to have his own long scene to please his fans. It is also very frequent to see Thai people onlookers in outdoor scenes such as market. It was additional potential customers to come watching in cinema to see if they were in the movie! The original movie features 5 songs but the DVD only features 1 song.

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