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Year: 1973

Thai title: น้ำเซาะทราย
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Wichit Khunawut

Main actor: Nard Poowanai,Sayan Chantaraviboon
Main actress: Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Wandee Sritrang,Marasri Bangchang

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This movie about two couples interaction. Pim (ภีม), a white-collar, and Wan (วรรณรี), a teacher, are married. Pukrong (พุดกรอง) is a rich and lonely widow (ว้าเหว่). Pong (พงษ์), a bachelor, tries to be Pukrong's sweet heart boyfriend but he is a butterfly. Pim often argues with his wife and Wan feels neglected (น้อยใจ) with Pim. Pim and Pukrong love each other secretly (รักกัน). Wan is too well-mannered (เรียบร้อย) and strict (เคร่งครัด) so Pim is fed up despite she gave her two beautiful children and takes well care of the home. They still use the polite word “ค่ะ” at the end of each sentence. Life is scheduled as a clock with Wan so Pim is fed up. Pim is a frustrated husband and arguments occur with Wan. Pim and Pukrong continue to see each other secretly in Bangkok. Pim needs to lie to Wan (ของขโมยอร่อยกว่า). As Pong continues to be her faithful admirer, he becomes annoying as Pukrong doesn't have full freedom to see Pim. Pukrong has to involve her well-off friend (ผู้ดี - คุณผู้หญิง). It highlights that Thai high society people also plays cards and have same sins. Her friend has to be involved in the lies. Pim rents a house for them to see each other freely (ความสุขของเรา) in order to avoid busy hotels and frequented restaurants. Pukrong spends a lot of money to decorate the house as she wishes a forever love. Pong knows that Pukrong flees behind the house. Pukrong wishes to see Pim every day. Wan knows her husband went out as his clothes smell perfume. Wan and Pong starts to notice. Pong is informed about the truth through a friend who saw them in a bar (เล่นรัก). Wan refuses to believe that her best friend (สุภาพบุรุษ) steal her husband love. Pukrong doesn't want a hidden love. Wan fights back to keep her husband. Can money buy everything including love? There is insinuation (พูดประโชด) between the two women and then a real verbal fight (บาปตื่นเต่น). Wan knows the truth now (ใจเป็นทรายศ). Pukrong is the bad rich high society girl versus Wan, the good teacher worried about position girl and strict mother / wife. Pukrong tells the truth to Wan. Pim has to go back to Wan due to the children. Pakrong feels left over. But it is not as easy. Wan wishes to divorce with Pim and chases him away. Finally Pim goes back to Pakrong. It is now the main wife versus the minor wife (เมียน้อย / เมียหลวง). Pong pushes Wan to fight (สู่). Pong tries to break the relationship as Pim is fed by Pukrong. Wan refuses to see a shaman (หมอผี) to help her to have Pim back. Meanwhile Pim and Pakrong are enjoying their romance. Pukrong is pregnant. Pong presents a military officer Neephon to Wan. If Pim can have a new love, why Wan cannot have one? It creates jealously on Pim’s side as he doesn't want his kids to have a new father. This time Pim refuses to divorce. Pukrong has another child in America from a previous relation. She understands Pim's feelings towards his previous family and also understands he will never be able to choose so leaving things unsettled forever so Pukrong decides to go to America with her new born baby. Pim tries to resume relationship with Wan but it is too late. Wan refuses. Pim ends up alone. It is a long movie as it lasts 2h37 with a dubbed soundtrack. This movie highlights Thai society hypocrisy, i.e. Thai men can have a minor wife but the main wife cannot do anything except to complain in silence. Classical music is used in tragic moments. The scenario is inspired from a book written by author Krisna Asokesin (กฤษณา อโศกสิน), who has won the SEAWRITE prize for literature. Another movie remake was done in 1986. It was adapted as Thai TV serie many times also.

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