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Year: 2001

Thai title: จันดารา
English title: Jan Dara

Rating: 3/5
Director: Nonzee Nimitbut

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri
Main actress: Christy Chun

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Jan Dara's childhood was awful. His mother Dara died during his birth and Dara's husband hated the boy from that moment and treated him cruelty. Jan Dara grew up surrounded by immoral and licentious acts from his hated father. Dara's husband has got a daughter called Kaew with another wife and taught his daughter to hate Jan Dara as much as he did himself. Many years later when Kaew was pregnant and needed a husband, Jan Dara agreed to marry the girl but ask for ownership of the house. Now master of his own house, Jan Dara began acting as his father did. Will he ever get rid of the curse placed on his head when he was born? Christy Chung is one of Hong Kong's top actresses. Her participation facilitated the sales and the distribution of the film.

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