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Year: 1991

Thai title: สงครามเมีย
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Likit Eakmongkol
Main actress: Marasri Bangchang

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Pakpun, young rich man (ลูกเศรษฐี), has a famous and beautiful mistress called Maenma. She is a model (นางแบบ). But Pakpun is already married to Oon and has two children. Oon has a shock when learning the news from her husband but finally seems to allow (อนุญาต) and even authorises Maenma to live in the house compound (เมียดีๆ). Pakpun is coming from a rich family so it is normal for him to have a second wife (เมียน้อย / เมียหลวง). It seems unnatural that the main wife accepts so easily. A war is in preparation! It starts with a word war, i.e. why a famous beautiful model needs to steal somebody else husband instead of finding one herself? Money? ใจง่าย? Pakpun starts to feel uneasy (ไม่สบายใจ). Oon offers Maenma some money to leave away. Oon always speaks slowly and politely. Maenma loses temper very easily. Pakpun is divided between his two wives. Insults start such as 'นางบำเรอิง' (concubine) or 'Why Pakpun has to get another wife if the first wife was doing properly her duties?'. Oon has often vertigoes as she is now two months pregnant. Maenma wishes to defeat Oon. Oon asks Pakpun to become infertile (ทำหมัน) so he cannot have a child with somebody else. Maenma offers sour mangoes food as a gift but the food is poisoned to hurt the baby. Hopefully one of the maid eats the food first. The housekeeper accuses Maenma gift but Pakpun is not able to decide to break up with Maenma. Maenma needs to hurry up being pregnant even if it means using an old boyfriend to be the father! Pakpun sees them but Maenma argues Pakpun doesn't take care of her as she is only a minor wife. Her strategy is to make Pakpun jealous. This drives him crazy and he chases away Oon as he is waiting for Maenma the whole night. Upset Oon leaves the home without mentioning where she is going. Oon delivers a boy but refuses to go back to Pakpun's home. Maenma announces Pakpun that she is pregnant but Pakpun breaks up with her as the child cannot be from him as he is now infertile. The real father also refuses to take care of Maenma as he is leaving abroad a few years. Maenma is now alone. Upset she tries to shoot Oon but Pakpun uses his body as a protection wall. He is injured. Getting crazy and afraid to be sent to jail, Maenma kills herself. This movie highlights the issue of minor and main wife status in Thai society.

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