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Year: 1986

Thai title: น้ำเซาะทราย
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Apichat Halamjiak
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai,Nardtaya DaengBunga

Teacher Wan (วรรณรี) is married with Pim (ภีม) and has two kids. She is quite old fashioned. She is a dedicated housewife, spends a lot of time to educate kids and take care of the home (เป็นคนดี). She has a high self esteem of herself as she believes she has never done anything wrong. Pim doesn't value his wife’s kindness and efforts. He starts to be fed up with Wan. Wan’s closest friend is Pukrong (พุดกรอง), a lonely (ความว้าเหว่) and young rich widow (แม่มาย). They know each other for 20 years. Pong, Pim’s friend, tries to seduce Pukrong but she is not interested beyond friendship. Pukrong is somebody who dares (คนกล้า). Pim is seduced. Pukrong and Pim become lovers. They have to see each other in discreet places to avoid being seen by others (ขาดกันไม่ได้). Pong starts to be a nuisance as he tries to follow Pukrong everywhere so hindering her love with Pim. Pim has rent a house (บ้านของเรา) so that they can see each other discreetly and happily (รางรัก). Back home, Wan notices a perfume smell on Pim's shirt similar to Pukrong’s expensive perfume. Meanwhile Pukrong has decorated "their" home with expensive furniture. Pong announces to Wan that he is aware that Pim and Pukrong are having an affair (เป็นชู้กัน). Pukrong admits in front of Wan and Pim. Pim is seen as a traitor (ผัวทรยศ). Pim is unable to make a proper decision. Wan asks for divorce (ไม่มีทางตกลง) and Pim goes back to Pukrong. Pong pushes Wan to fight back Pukrong to get her husband back (ภรรยาถูกต้อง). Pong pushes Pukrong to go out to have a new life. He presents to her a handsome and honest military colonel called Neephon. If Pim is having happiness outside why Wan cannot have happiness? Pukrong is now pregnant. Pim is upset that another man is inside Wan’s life and is taking over his own duty as father. Pukrong starts to be upset by this situation and makes the link with her own son she haven’t seen for years. Pukrong misses her son in America and finally decides to go there with her new born child. This way she also gives a chance to Pim and Wan couple. Wan refuses to accept Pim to come back. Pim remains alone. It is a remake of 1973 “น้ำเซาะทราย” movie. The scenario is almost identical. Sinjai Hongthai has always played the modern and liberated woman in many 1980s movies.

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