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Year: 1983

Thai title: มายาพิศวาส
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Chana Kraprayoon

Main actor: Kriengkrai Unhanan,Suchao Pongwilai,Manop Aussawathep
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Pissamai Wilaisak,Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Nipaporn Nongnuch

Dokbua (ดอกบัว), a young lady, is hurt by Chala's car. She is a poor girl coming from Chiang Mai to Bangkok in order to work but she was told a falsehood regarding the job nature. As she has nowhere to go, she can finally stay as a maid as Chala gets pity on her harsh life. Chala's HiSo family includes various members. Pen is a middle age woman. She is the new wife of Chon, who is paralyzed. Chita is Chon's sister. She never got married. Chon has three children, Chala, Chet and Lek. There is always a bad and oppressive ambiance in the family. Chala only spends money but does not earn anything. In fact Chala gives the money to a poor family. Chet and Pen are lovers. All men in the house fight over Dokbua. Pen wants to use Dokbua to take care about her paralyzed husband ardors so that she can have more free time with Chet. Dokbua played the stupid girl but she is in fact very intelligent. Only Chala knows Dokbua has entered the house with a specific idea. What is her goal and her hidden secret? This HiSo house is same as hell (นรก). People are doing bad deeds (มีบาป). Ten years ago, Chon, the father always partied in the house and brought girls. It only stopped when the father became paralyzed. Lek, the youngest daughter, has a boyfriend called Tat. Tat also tries to seduce Dokbua. Pen has a new plan and introduces Dokbua to a rich man called Tawat. Pen gets money in exchange of providing young girls to rich men. There are arguments between Tawat and Chon. Dokbua prefers to stay with Chon. Tawat takes over Chon's company as he looses face regarding Dokbua. It causes a heart attack to Chon. Dokbua talks to Chon privately on his hospital bed while he is dying. Chon is afraid about hell (กลัวนรก) due to his previous bad deeds. Before dying he updates his testament and gives nothing for his children. Everything goes for Dokbua. Chita relates Chon's story to Chala. Chon was behaving like a ruffian when he was young. After having a second kid the father starts to misbehave again with girls so the mother called Lamyong hanged up herself. Dusit was a former business associate of Chon but they had arguments. Chita and Dusit were in a love story and Chon made it broken up. Dusit later has another wife but Chon never forgave to Dusit and Dusit was shot in the back. Dokbua is Dusit's daughter. Dusit is still alive but is paralyzed. Tat still tries to seduce Dokbua as Lek is now a poor girl. Chet also tries to be nice. This hypocrisy causes Tat and Lek to break up. Pen and Chet also break up. Pen cannot stand it. Pen shots Chet and becomes crazy. Lek behaves as a bad girl. The whole family ends up in a turmoil even if Dokbua didn't intend to be such a mess. Finally Dokbua and Chala declares their love for each other. Dokbua gives all heritage to Chita. This movie highlight the high society hypocrisy. Chana Kraprayoon is famous for directing drama / romance movies and Thai TV series. This movie was adapted in a Thai TV serie in 2007. Jarunee Sooksawad got an award for her Best Actress performance in this movie.

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