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เพื่อรักเธอ ภาค 3
เพื่อรักเธอ ภาค 3

Year: 2015

Thai title: เพื่อรักเธอ ภาค 3
English title: Yes or No 2.5

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Suppanad Jittaleela

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Thai movie Yes or No 2.5 (เพื่อรักเธอ ภาค 3) was released in year 2015. It lasts 1h43mn. Pii is roommate with Wine (Suppanad Jittaleela). Both are tomboys. Young girls called Fah and Pim are moving in front of Pii's flat. Fah is university student. Pim has a boyfriend called Jet. Wine cannot forget Pim. Pii tries to use Fah in order for Wine to forget Pim. But it looks like Pii falls for Fah. It is reciprocal. But Pii only wants to stay as friendship level (พี่น้อง). Both cry when alone. Back to home, Wine announces to Pii that she will follow her advice to ask Fah to become her girlfriend. Pii also blames Pim for being unfair and unclear with Wine. Previously Pim took care of Wine when she was sick and also declared being fond of Wine but still stayed with Jet as it was more natural to be with a boy. Pii tells her to follow what she likes and not what others like. As they are going to be graduated soon, Jet asks for Pim's hand. Confused, Pim accepts to follow her parents' wishes. Wine is getting sick again. Finally Wine and Fah splits together and Pii can be with Fah. Pii discovers that Pim is still wearing the ring that Wine gives her 3 years ago. Pim has to decide what she wants to do, be unhappy her whole life with Jet or follow her true nature. Pim flees from her engagement party. A few days Pim goes back to her home with Wine to explain the situation. The father is very upset (จะเอาหน้าไหวที่ไหน? เป็นผู้หญิงทั้งคู่) but the mum promises to talk to him. Wine asks they give them a chance. Wine may not be a man but can still bring happiness to Pim. The movie ends with same-sex marriages. Suppanad Jittaleela has become a teen heart-throb in China after the two first opus of "Yes or No". Part 3 is not a sequel to the original two movies. Thai gay movies are rare. Thai lesbian movies are even rarer.

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