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Year: 1972

Thai title: ชู้
English title: The Adulterer

Rating: 3/5
Director: Piak Poster

Main actor: Krung Srivilai,Manop Aussawathep
Main actress: Wandee Sritrang

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Thai movie ชู้ / The Adulterer was released in year 1972. It was released under VCD format by company XxX (Triple X). Movie director is Piak Poster. Movie ชู้ is his third movie. Piak Poster used a new unknown main actress called Wandee Sritrang. A boat is caught in a storm. The only survivor is a young lady (Riem) that is stranded on a remote island. A strong but lonely man (Cheung) rescues her. The man, who didn't have contact with any woman for years, forces her to have a relationship with him. They finally become wife and husband. Their first child is a boy. One day, Cheung gets fish poison into the eyes. Riem has to go to nearest fishing village to look for the doctor. The doctor is away but a young man (Thep) is replacing him. Riem and Thep have been lovers before. Thep is a seductive guy and a womaniser. He is aware that beautiful and expensive white pearls can be found in Cheung's island. He manipulates Riem saying that Cheung has many pearls, whose he doesn't want to share with Riem for the good sake of their child's future. He resumes his relationship with Riem. He cures slowly Cheung and drugs him every night to search for his pearls chest with Riem. Forgetting to eat drugs one night, Cheung starts to be aware of the situation. He knows that his wife Riem and her lover Thep want to get his pearl treasure and get rid of him. So lying to them that he needs to dive to get the pearls to share with them, Riem and Thep feed him that so he can recover fast. Simulating blindness, he is aware of everything. He brings them to a remote island where he reveals his secret and perforate the boats preventing any return. Riem has late sorrows, i.e. she was dumped by Thep before getting on the fishing boat caught in the storm and then raped by Cheung, so unlucky she is. Cheung looses his anger and wishes to let them go. He leaves to bring her son to Riem but Thep wishes to take revenge and tries to kill him. Finally while trying to protect Cheung and his son, Riem is shot by Thep. Cheung leaves the island with a dying Riem and Thep is left alone on the remote island where nobody never stops... This movie is about adultery described in a non conventional way with action and stage setting reduce to the minimum on a remote island. It is far from Bangkokian romantic drama with palatial suburban estate house. Krung Srivilai received a Thai award for his performance. This movie was so successful that it was screened again in 1975. The Culture Ministry registers 25 Thai classic films each year at the National Film Heritage Registry. This movie is part of the 25 films heritage list announced on 04 October 2015, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day.

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