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Year: 2010

Thai title: ชั่วฟ้าดินสลาย
English title: Eternity

Rating: 5/5
Director: Pantewanop Tewakul

Main actor: Ananda Everingham
Main actress: Chermarn Boonyasak

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The story is taking place in an old palace close to Burma. The Northern house offers a beautiful setting for the shooting. It is based on Malai Choopinij’s classic 1943 novel. A visitor is coming and hears a very sad human crying at nighttime. It is an old man, who is crying in front of a grave. The intendant of the palace tells the visitor about the sad story behind. In 1933 Sammong, stepson of the the palace owner, was back from studies done abroad. His father was Nai Hang. Nai Hang met Yupadee, a beautiful sexy modern and independent young lady and they finally married. She met Sammong. Yupadee loved freedom, always spoke directly and without any taboo. She didn’t want to be linked by any ties to Thai society. She gave Sammong books "doll house" and "the prophet" that reflected her mindset. Sammong was still single and never had any girlfriend. He enjoyed the nature only. Yupadee always teased him. They started to be closer and closer (สนิท). Nai Hang realized this. He invited some important guests, who had an eighteen years old daughter, Panthip. Yupadee was expert at creating jealousy in Sammong’s heart to test his love. The mother tried to push Panthip towards Sammong’s heart but Panthip had already a love in her heart (ต้องใช้ชีวิตของนตัวเอง). Sammong caught a malaria fever (ไข้ป้า) but Yupadee took care about him and even wiped his body (อย่าบังคับความรู้สึกของตัวเอง). Nai Hang needed to go to the city to arrange for Sammong’s wedding. Yupadee simulated to be pregnant to avoid going with him so that she could stay. At the waterfall she teased Sammong utmost so that they finally became lovers (ชู้). Sammong had become lover with his stepfather's wife (เป็นเวรเป็นกรรม). They couldn’t stand to be separated anymore and always hid. Intendant Thip and servants were aware of their relationship. Nai Hang refused to believe this extramarital story or maybe expected that Sammong's own wedding would put back everything to normal. Nai Hang went for a trip again but came back at nighttime to find the lovers. They promised to each other not to be separated until end of eternity (ชั่วฟ้าดินสลาย). Nai Hang summoned them and put them a chain linking them. It was his bad karma that his wife and son loved each other. Due to the chain the love was slowly becoming hate as they were chained together all the time. Nai Hang refused to forgive as they had done a big sin. They tried to flee but it failed as Yupadee was afraid that Sammong would dump her once they were free. Love had become hatred. Nai Hang refused to give the chain key but gave one pistol. Yupadee was now pregnant. Sammong wished to kill himself so that Nai Hang forgave Yupadee and took care of his child. But finally Yupadee shot herself. Sammong became crazy and cries every night on Yupadee’s grave. A director's cut running for 3 hours and 10 minutes, one hour longer than the theatrical version, was released end of 2010. Two other Thai movies based on the same story were done in 1956 and 1980.

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