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Year: 2009

Thai title: รักที่รอคอย
English title: October Sonata

Rating: 5/5

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Main actress:

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In 2513 (1970) famous Thai actor Mitr Chaibancha dies. Saddened by this tragic event, young lady Pleun is hit by a car. The car owner, a young man called Rawee, brings her to Chonburi (Hin Hoi) as she wants to see where Mitr Chaibancha had his fatal accident. As Rawee's friend is out of town, they have to go to resort hotel. They appreciate each other and Rawee reads for her some pages extracted from Sri Burapha's novel "Songkram Chiwit" (สงครามชีวิต). It is a story of tragic romance and class conflict. Tomorrow Rawee will go studying outside Thailand for two years. In the next morning, he goes away and leaves the novel for Pleun. They promised to see each other on 8 October (8 ตุลา) in two years. Pleun decides to go to study at night time as she doesn't know how to read. She wishes to be able to read the novel Rawee gave her. She is working as sewer at daytime. A student, named Nim, likes her a lot. Pleun is accepted as tailor student thanks to her friend recommendation. She decides to change her name as Saen Chan same as the leading character from the book. She wait for Rawee's return. Two years passed. On 8 October 2515, she is waiting at the hotel. Rawee doesn't come. Nim is going to open his own shop and asks Saen Chan for wedding. She refuses as she is still hoping for Rawee return. She quits her hi-so mean boss (ใจด่า), who didn't give her any salary for two years. On 8 October 2516 Saen Chan comes again to the hotel. But only Nim is coming. She finally accepts to marry Nim and works now with him. On 8 October 2517 Saen Chan comes again. Rawee is here this time. He was in prison due to student protests (Violence broke out when students took to the streets demanding the military government to step down). Love happens again. This time she is one to leave and write a message. She is married to Nim but she doesn't love him. Nim starts to drink alcohol as he knows his wife doesn't love him. On 8 October 2518 Saen Chan goes to hotel again. Rawee is now a teacher for fishermen children. Saen Chan cannot make love with him because she is still married. She wishes to die. She leaves her home and start to write a book. On 2519 a violent crackdown on students and protestors occurred led by Thai military. She doesn't meet Rawee that year. His school is closed as he is labeled as a communist. On 8 October 2520 the hotel is now closed. On 8 October 2522 Nim is waiting at the bungalow and asks her to come back with him. Nim is a nice guy but she doesn't love him. He rapes her. On 8 October 2523 a governmental amnesty for former CPT members allows them to come back into society. Rawee can leave his forest refuge. Rawee finds Nim, who is now married and has a child. Nobody knows where is Saen Chan. Rawee stays in the bungalow waiting for Saen Chan. He has malaria sickness. On 8 October 2524 she comes back but finally leaves as she is afraid of a bad trick from Nim again. Three years passed. On 8 October 2527 Nim is here again. Rawee has died but gave a book for Nim to edit their story. This movie features a nice restitution of 1970 atmosphere and mixes a tragic failed love story with the two major historical events in 1973 and 1976.

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