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ณ ขณะรัก
ณ ขณะรัก

Year: 2008

Thai title: ณ ขณะรัก
English title: A Moment in June

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Shahkrit Yamnarm,Suchao Pongwilai,Krissada Sukosol
Main actress: Deuan Tem Salitul

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This movie relates about a love story that failed to succeed 30 years ago. A young man is already married and following his best friend's departure for Japan, he has to look after his friend's fiancee. A love story happens between both. This love is reciprocal but he finally fails to flee with her as his wife is pregnant. Thirty years later, the woman wishes to meet the man again. There are analogies with a two young men love story that are going to break up, this 30 years old love story and this love story with a new chance 30 years later. Based on misunderstanding and lack of effort or compromise, love stories can fail. One of the young men, Pakorn, is making a theater piece outline related to this love story. He is in fact the son of the older man and has done the theater piece following the older woman request. The love story magic happens again but his own love story fail as his lover died in a train accident. This movie includes colorful atmosphere of 1970s era.

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