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เดอเลตเตอร์ - จดหมายรัก
เดอเลตเตอร์ - จดหมายรัก

Year: 2004

Thai title: เดอเลตเตอร์ - จดหมายรัก
English title: The letter

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Ann Thongprasom

A modern Bangkokian lady called Dew went to Chiang Mai for her grandmother's death. There, she met Ton, a kind officer at an agricultural research center. Dew started to feel true love for Ton. They then married and began a peaceful life together. Everything was fine until Ton started dying of a brain tumor. After Ton's death, something strange happens: she still receives love letters from Ton. How is it possible?

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