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Year: 1994

Thai title: อำแดงเหมือนกับนายริด
English title: MUEN and RID

Rating: 5/5
Director: Cherd Songsri

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Man Teeraphol,Ron Rittichai
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Duangdao Jarujinda

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Prior to 1865, women had no status in Thai society. They were looked down on as object with no significant value. Their parents and husbands had the right in law to pawn or sell them, just as they could pawn or sell their cattle. Hence the old Thai saying: "Women are buffaloes, men are humans". Muen was the daughter of peasants in Nontaburi Province. During a storm, she almost drown and was saved by a young monk called Rid. As she was love with the monk, she wanted to be close to him and succeeded to convince the temple abbot to be able to go to the temple school. Despite Thai society obstruction that thought that knowledge was useless for women, she learnt how to read and write. Her parents were trying to force her to marry Poo, who had alread several wives. She managed to escape and took refuge with Rid, who has left the monkhood for her. When he discovered where she was, Poo claimed under the law that Rid had abducted his wife. Muen was arrested, and suffered abuse and mistreatment in Jail. But she never gave up hope, and managed to escape and submit a petition to King Mongkut. She condemned the law as being unfair, and condemned Thai society for condoning men's exploitation and abuse of women. She faced the death penalty for her temerity; Thai society had lived by and respected the laws she attacked for centuries. The King issued a Royal Decree granting her a pardon. Based on a true story, the film celebrates an early case of a struggle for women's rights in Thailand, which resulted in a decree promulgated by King Mongkut in December 1865.

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