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Year: 1987

Thai title: สะพานรักสารสิน
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Piak Poster

Main actor: Ron Banjongsang,Sahat Piempongsan,Sawin Sawangrat
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Namgneun Boonnak,Sulaleewan Suwanthat

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Thai movie สะพานรักสารสิน lasts 1h35mn. It was released under VCD many years ago but a HD version remastered is available since year 2015. It is based on a real story happened in 1973 on Phuket island. Sulaleewan Suwanthat is playing the mother. Kotham (Ron Banjongsang) is a good son as he is working in a farm of rubber tree and coconut and giving all his money to his mum. He is also driving local small bus to help his friend. He meets Hiu (Jintara Sookkapat), an university student who has good heart (น้ำใจ) to protect him with her umbrella while he is changing a bus wheel during a thunderstorm. Hiu’s father (Sahat Piempongsan) is aware that his daughter is seating in the front with Tom so he forbids her. Kotham buys a doll (ตุ๊กตา) for Hiu knowing she likes it. Romance starts between Hiu and Kotham . While enjoying a local festival, Hiu is surprised by her father and slapped (ลูกไม่รักดี). Back home, she is severely beaten by her father, who even disapproves his daughter going to university. The father meets khun Arun, an administrative officer, as he wishes him to marry her swiftly. Hiu offers herself to Kotham but he refuses (บูชา Hiu). They finally decide to flee on a remote island. Kotham becomes a diver to catch pearls and seashells. Police finds them and Kotham ends up in jail as Hiu is not yet 20 years old. The local Kamnan (Sawin Sawangrat) convinces the father to remove the complaint on Kotham. But the father doesn't forgive. He hits his daughter with a stick in front of Kotham. Hiu is pregnant. Kotham loses his mother. The father still wants his daughter to marry Arun. Only suicide appears a solution for the youngsters. The mother and Kotham’s friends wish to stop them but they are too late. The two corpses are found later clinched to each other. As they are inseparable even in the death, Hiu’s father orders to bury them together. This movie has also been registered as National Heritage per the 2016 list released by the Thai Film Archive.

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