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Year: 1987

Thai title: พลอยทะเล
English title: The Gem from the Deep

Rating: 5/5
Director: Cherd Songsri

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Witoon Karuna
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai,Aranya Namwong,Juree Osiri,Chanutporn Wisitsopon

Thai movie พลอยทะเล was released in year 1987 and lasts 1h55mn. Movie director is famous director Cherd Songsri. Sorapong Chatree with his short haircut, killing smile and strong body really shines and plays in a great movie compared to the many average action flicks he played in 1980s. Happiness is present on a small island between Kratin (กระถิน), young lady (Sinjai Hongthai), and Rung (รุ่ง) a young man (Sorapong Chatree). They love each other but any wedding decision is linked to their parents. Kratin’s parents reject this love. Rung is a diver, collecting seashells and fishies for a living. The movie shows nicely life of island, people collecting coconuts thanks to monkeys, collecting eggs from giant turtles. Beautiful landscapes are shot. Kratin is jealous of Sangpao (สำเภา), another young woman (Chanutporn Wisitsopon) that Rung considers as a sister only (น้องสาว). As Kratin's parents cannot accept such love and wedding, they consider fleeing to the city. While diving, Rung finds a red pure gem (พลอยทะเล, น้ำดี). He plans to sell it to cure his mother (Juree Osiri) but makes the mistake to show it to another villager, father of Kratin. This one and his sons, arguing that Rung behaves badly with his daughter, try to kill him to steal the gem. Rung gives the jewel to Kratin and fights back. In front of Kratin's eyes, he is left for dead. He is only injured and succeeds to reach his mother's home where Sangpao rescues him. Kratin is sent to the city. She meets Sieng, the fishery lady boss (นาย)(Aranya Namwong), who recruits her as domestic helper. Rung recovers slowly and is still upset that the gem is not anymore with him. Sangpao takes care about Rung. A love story is about to start but it doesn’t bloom as Rung and Sangpao still have Kratin in mind. Kratin really believes Rung is dead so she is sad. Sieng’s brother, Samrien (Witoon Karuna), likes Kratin a lot and starts to seduce her. They become lovers. Kratin shows him the gem. Samrien decides to keep it until their wedding in order to avoid it is stolen by somebody else. One day, Sangpao finds Kratin in the city and informs her that Rung is not dead. Samrien refuses to give back the gem, refuses to let Kratin go and promises her that she will become the fishery owner. The movie shows the fishery work from a cultural point of view. It is bad fate (เวรกรรม) that Kratin saw Rung dead but now it is too late as she needs to have gratitude over the boss and her family. Finally Rung discovers the truth about Kratin and Samrien. Sangpao has to intervene to avoid Rung becoming violent. Sangpao and Kratin have arguments as Kratin cannot give the gem back. Rung also asks Kratin as he needs to cure his mother but she tries to manipulate him. Samrien refuses to give it back to Rung as he believes half of it belongs to him. The fisherman, who brought Rung and his mother to the city, asks for his money but Rung cannot pay him as he hasn't got the gem yet. During a fight the mother is stabbed and dies. A big storm is now happening. Samrien is endangered on a boat. Kratin asks Rung to help Samrien as his boat is stuck. Samrien encourages him not to go but Rung accepts as he is kind hearted so he releases the boat but disappears in the sea. Countryside people have often bigger heart than city people. This gem has caused many people to die. In the morning, the sea sends back Rung’s body. He is still alive and Sangpao had been waiting the whole night for him praying. Kratin finally finds Rung stranded on the beach. They promise love to each other. Kratin goes back to Samrien’s home to get the gem from a safe but it is no longer in the box. Rung doesn’t care about it anymore but Kratin refuses to follow him as she doesn’t want to live poorly on the island. It causes Rung’s ire as it shows she is more interested by the gem than Rung. He understands that only Songpao really loves him. Sangpao is the one, who gets the gem. A fight between Samrien and Rung occurs as Samrien still wants the gem. Rung defeats him and decides to go back to his island. Sangpao goes back with him. Samrien breaks up with Kratin. Rung sends the gem back in deep sea.

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