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Year: 1983

Thai title: เพื่อน-แพง
English title: PUEN-PAENG

Rating: 5/5
Director: Cherd Songsri

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Piya Trakulrard
Main actress: Chanutporn Wisitsopon

During childhood, young boy Lor (ลอ) is educated in a house where the father has two daughters already, i.e. Pheuan and Phaeng. Lor is always helping and supporting the youngest girl Phaeng (กวนตั้งแต่เป็นเด็ก). Phaeng (แพง) is always crying when Lok and Pheuan (เพื่อน) start playing games without her. Lor considers her as a younger sister. All the three friends are now adults. The movie features a nice representation of Thailand countryside life, i.e. rice harvest as a community with songs to encourage themselves and to make the work more fun, catch fishes in traditional way with a ingenious fish net, get lotus from pond, traditional way of doing rice fields with buffalo cart. Phaeng always tries to ruin Lor's courtship with Pheuan. Both start to be upset with Phaeng. Ien, another villager, tries to seduce Phaeng during the temple fair (หนังใหญ่). Lor is a perfect bachelor as he does not drink, does not play cards and is working hard. He is fianced with Pheuan and his wedding shall happen soon. Ieng asks Phaeng for wedding through his father but Phaeng refuses categorically as she doesn't love him. Finally Lor finally smiles regarding Phaeng's stubbornness. Jealousy starts between the two women especially as Lor is fiance with Pheuan. Phaeng tries to conquer Lor back by doing dishes he likes. He eats all the sticky rice not because it is delicious but because she made efforts to do it. Lok is surprised to know through Pheuan that Phaeng also loves him as he always considered her as a younger sister (น้อง). Lor promises in front of Buddha amulet to love Pheuan. If he fails the promise, he shall die! Lor cannot talk to Phaeng anymore following promise to Pheuan. Phaeng disappears and Lor misses her. Lor falls severely sick as he catches malaria. The doctor's assistant, Boontim, is a former love of Pheuan. The doctor's assistant offers gifts to Pheuan. Her heart starts to tangle. The assistant makes Pheuan discover the modern life (cosmetics, tennis, dance, car). Boontim asks Pheuan in marriage. Phaeng challenges Pheuan regarding her love towards Lor. Pheuan and Boontim represent the urban Thailand. Phaeng and Lor represent the rural Thailand. Boonpheng is a liar and a butterfly. Pheuan goes back to Lor (ปลาตัวเล็ก) and get all credits when Lok recovers from malaria. It makes Phaeng sad. Lor discovers a letter where Phaeng's friend writes the whole story about Pheuan's bad behavior behind Lor's back. Lor knows Phaeng's real value. They finally spent a night together despite Lor being married to Pheuan. Phaeng is now pregnant and refuses to say who is the father despite being severely beaten by her father. Lor decides to flee with her. Pheuan is aware of this and intentionally forgets to tell Phaeng that a ladder level is broken. During early morning Phaeng falls and finally dies due to internal bleeding while trying to find Lor. Disgusted by Pheuan's behavior, Lok finally chooses to go back with Phaeng, the only woman who loved him more than her own life, and drowns himself. The movie got many awards in 1983 (best actress, best director...). Cherd Songsri is famous for such Thai period films showing the power of love. This movie highlights feelings such as love, belief, promise, faithfulness. Cherd Songsri previously also directed the movie "The Scar" (แผลเก่า). The Culture Ministry registers 25 Thai classic films each year at the National Film Heritage Registry. This movie is part of the 25 films heritage list announced on 04 October 2015, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day.

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