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Year: 1980

Thai title: สามใบเถา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Supansa Nuengpirom,Ampha Pusit

A middle age father has three beautiful daughters, i.e. Thiep, Aew and Sa. They have been educated abroad. They get on well with Cherry, daughter of the house's maid. Happiness is daily present in the house. They play tricks to each other and rediscover Thailand (spicy food, usage of chopstick) after so many years abroad. Their father wants to send them to school to learn Thai customs and culture (เรียนเป็นคนไทย). They are not willing to go so Cherry teaches them. The father's best friend has three sons, i.e. Pol, Ten and Kiat. The three young men court the three ladies. The father decide to bring his three daughters to Chiang Mai to show them Thai countryside. The three young men also follow up. They go back together to Bangkok driving a van. A traffic accident happens. Aew is paralyzed and cannot walk again. Thiep becomes blind and cannot see again (มืดเกินไป). Sa doesn't have major injuries. The father believes it is linked to his karma and it doesn't change his love for his children. The three young men have only minor injuries. Thiep believes she has no use for society anymore. The romantic comedy evolves to a drama mixing happiness and sadness. Tensions erupt between the three sisters especially from Thiep. Before there were only smiles and laughters but now there is no more. Thiep thinks about suicide. Thiep rejects Sa as sister (เสียดวงตา - เสียดวงใจ) as she believes Sa is mean with her. The only way to cure Thiep is to find a eye donator for her. The three actresses provide an impressive dramatic performance with many teardrops. Sa wants to suicide in order that her eyes can be reused for Thiep. Thiep prevents the suicide. A donator is finally found by the hospital. The family is reunited and happiness is back. This movie is similar to a Piek poster movie with songs and reflection of Thai society with its good aspects and bad aspects.

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