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Year: 1980

Thai title: เงาะป่า
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Prince Bhanu Yukol,Piak Poster

Main actor: Jatuphol Poopirom,Pinyo Parnnui
Main actress:

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Thai movie เงาะป่า was released in year 1980 and lasts 1h32mn. It was released under VCD format. It was remastered in full HD format by Five Star production in mid-2010s. Movie director is Piak Poster. This movie takes place in a tribe located in a forest. They have all a dark skin so are called "เงาะป่า" tribe. Sompla (Jatuphol Poopirom) is a young fearless man skilled in animal hunt with blowpipe and knowledgeable in medicinal herbs and plants. The tribe is wearing clothes like South Pacific tribes. Lamhap (ศศิธร ปิยะกาญจน์) is the daughter of the local sorcerer (หมอผี). The local sorcerer would like Sompla to become the next sorcerer as he is getting older but Sompla refuses. The tribe exchanges goods from the forest with Thai villagers at the market. Anao, the village leader’s son, is good at sales so Lamhap’s parents appreciate him. The movie highlights their everyday life in the forest, i.e. getting fruits and food from the forest, be aware of danger such as snake and tiger... It is a beautiful ode to natural life. There is a contest to shoot flowers and to win ladies hearts. Jealousy happens between Sompla and the village leader’s son, Anao (Pinyo Parnnui), as both love Lamhap. Lamhap prefers Sompla but the marriage decision is linked to her parents’ choice. The village leader wants his son to become the next leader and wishes Anao to marry Lamhap. After a misunderstanding with Sompa, Lamhap accepts to marry the village leader’s son. The wedding is beautifully shot, and it reminds about Thai movie "The old scar" (แผลเก่า), which also features portraiture of Thai culture and way of life through a tragic romance. Sompa ruins the wedding night by making noise and sending rocks on their roof. While Anao goes out to catch the intruders, Sompla kidnaps Lamhap. The movie includes beautiful ambient light shooting with torches as the village leader’s family is chasing them. Sompla and Lamhap flee. They go deep inside the forest. They are tracked down due their fire smoke. A fight happens between Sompa and Anao. The winner shall get Lamhap. Sompa wins by attracting Anao inside the deep forest instead of fighting inside a clearing. Unfortunately, another fighter shoots Sompla with a poisonous arrow. Sompla dies and Lamhap kills herself over Sompla's body. This movie was directed by the General Major His Royal Highness Prince Bhanu Yukol, a pioneering Thai filmmaker. He was the uncle of famous director Prince ChatriChalerm Yukol. Thai actor Jatuphol Poopirom received a posthumous Thai award for his performance as he died in 1981 in a car accident. The movie soundtrack mixes a traditional and entertaining music. It is based on a novel (Romance of the Sakai) by Thai King Rama 5. The Culture Ministry registers 25 Thai classic films each year at the National Film Heritage Registry. This movie is part of the 25 films heritage list announced on 04 October 2015, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day.

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