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Year: 1979

Thai title: ผู้หญิงมือสอง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak

Thai movie ผู้หญิงมือสอง was released in year 1979. It features Phairoj Sangwaribut as main actor and Pissamai Wilaisak as main actress. Other actors are เพ็ญพร ไพฑูรย์, อรสา, ช.อ้น, มาลี, ปรีดา อยู่เย็น. The movie is lost in Thailand and only a three minutes trailer is left to be seen. The story is about a romance about one man and two women. One of the woman is Pissamai as old woman (สาวแก่ / มือสอง) and a younger teenage woman (เพ็ญพร ไพฑูรย์). Who will Phairoj Sangwaribut choose? Almost the whole movie was shot in Holland. This is the main selling point of this movie.

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