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Year: 1978

Thai title: รักเอย
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Pisarn Akraseranee,Aphorn Tonawanik
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun

Parun's wife, Tum (ต้อม), goes to London to visit her mum. Their couple is not doing well as Tum is easily bad tempered (หงุดหงิด). Parun takes a break and goes to Chiang Mai for one week to rest at his sister’s home. Parun meets Noi (เจ้าน่อย), young lady, at Wattana's birthday. They are both coming from Thai aristocracy. Piak (เปี๊ยก) is Noi’s close friend. He is the son of a housekeeper working at Noi’s parents home. Piak loves secretly Noi since years. Parun is having a business in Chiang Mai sending artifacts abroad such as umbrella, carvings, silk... Parun often invites Noi to go out. It makes Piak very jealous. Love starts to emerge between Parun and Noi. Wattana asks Parun to break up with Noi before it is too late as she is still a young lady and Parun is a married man. But Parun continues his romance. Noi's father chases Parun from his home as he discovers that Parun is already married. His wife comes back from England and flies to Chiang Mai. She is pregnant. Noi cannot forget Parun. Piak, upset, has arguments with Parun as this one claims he can love two women. Parun promises to Noi to divorce with his wife to marry Noi. Noi also promises to wait for Parun. Parun doesn't know yet that his wife, Tum, is pregnant. Finally the two women meet and Parun presents his wife to Noi. Disappointed by men, Noi wishes to make a break and takes refuge in Piak’s friend farm. With Piak, Noi starts to smile again. Noi cannot forget Parun but is now aware of Piak's true love. While painting landscape, Noi is bitten by a snake. Jum (จุ๋ม), also loving secretly Piak for years, helps Noi. Piak doesn't see Jum's love. Noi doesn't see Piak's love. Tum accepts to divorce with her husband as she knows there is no more love from him and Parun feels obliged to honor his promise to Noi. Piak asks to marry Noi but Noi also feels obliged to honor her promise to Parun. The domestic helper finally reveals Tum's pregnancy to Parun. Parun and Noi meet each other again and agree to cancel their promise (เลิกสัญญา). Parun and Tum are back together. Piak and Noi also. “Love can be sweet or bitter, we are still looking for it” is the conclusion of this sweet moralist Thai romance movie. A few romantic sweet songs with guitar are performed during the movie. The shooting highlights the beautiful landscapes of North of Thailand.

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