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Year: 1975

Thai title: สมิหรา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Uten Boonyong,Sayan Chantaraviboon,Sawin Sawangrat,Sukon Koewliam,Rong Kaomulkadee
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit,Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Metta Roongrat

Thai movie สมิหรา was released in year 1975 and lasts 2h01mn. Two students, Alissa (Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej) and Suntaya (Pawana Chanajit), are two close friends studying in Chiang Mai. Pong (Sayan Chantaraviboon) is Alissa's brother. Metta Roongrat is the aunt called Vina. Yot (Uten Boonyong) accepts to take Suntaya as secretary (เลขาคนใหม่) per Alissa's request. Sawin Sawangrat is the father of Yot. Yot hat a hot temper (ใจร้อน, เอาใจตัวเองอย่างเดียว). Vina warns Alissa about letting Suntaya too close to Yot (ใกล้มากก็ไม่เคยจะดี). Pong wishes to marry Suntaya but he is younger (รุ่นน้อง). Yot and Suntaya go to Hat Yai for business trip while Alissa needs to go overseas again. A difficult meeting happens in Hat Yai regarding company ownership. Suntaya demonstrates her negotiating skills and impresses Yot. During nighttime, Suntaya and Yot becomes lovers (ทรยศเพื่อน). They stay in Hotel Samira (สมิหรา) so giving the movie title. Suntaya asks Yot to stop seeing her in Bangkok. Vina also asks Suntaya to find her own place to allow time between Yot and Alissa. Yot wishes to marry with Suntaya but she doesn't want to hurt Alissa. One day Suntaya feels dizzy while walking in Bangkok. She is pregnant. Pong brings her to the doctor. Yot has then a misunderstanding that Suntaya sees secretly Pong. Being sick, Yot visits Suntaya and is surprised by Alissa. Alissa is disappointed by her friend (น่าเจ็บใจ, เสียดายเพื่อนรัก). Feeling guilty, Suntaya is lost. Pong, aware of the situation, proposes to marry her to ensure the child has a father. Finally Suntaya writes a letter to Alissa and disappears. Yot only realises that she was pregnant. Suntaya is now a teacher in a remote hill tribe village. Sukon Koewliam is also playing a short domestic helper role. Pong's friend, a doctor, meets Suntaya in the village and warns Pong as she is going to deliver her baby. It is discovered that Suntaya has hemophilia (รอดไม่ได้). Pong warns Yot. Alissa also joins. During a final touching sequence, Suntaya gives her baby to Yot and Alissa, then passes away.

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