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Year: 1962

Thai title: บันทึกรักของพิมพ์ฉวี
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Chadaporn Wachirapranee

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Countryside young lady Pim lives with her grandmother. Pim Chawee and boyfriend Athon love each other (ใจเดียว). Athon needs money to go to study overseas. She gives him all her money and even a family golden brooch to sell. She becomes her wife before his departure. Abroad Athon keeps asking money to Pim. Pim is now pregnant. Lung, Athon's father, needs to arrange a fake wedding (รับเป็นเมีย) for Pim with local villager Chaoson in order that her child gets a temporary father. Pim is concerned about Athon's reaction if he learns this but she believes she should be able to explain to him. Being a single mother would the shame on her and her grandmother. The baby is born. Kratin, Athon's sister, loves secretly Chaoson and is upset by this situation. Athon's father and Kratin go to Bangkok to welcome Athon at the airport but Pim cannot come as the father refuses to pay the ticket for her. Chaoson finally brings her at airport. Athon arrives accompanied with another young lady. His father lies mentioning that the child is Chaoson's child. Back to the village as Athon and his family refuses to recognize the child and Pim, the grandmother threatens to disclose the love letters if they refuse to give back the money used to finance Athon's studies. Finally Athon accepts but Pim shall stay in countryside and cannot go to Bangkok with him. Athon has his new fiancee Taemduang there... Pim visits her to explain she is Athon's wife already but she has no proof (ไม่มีหลักฐาน) to back up her statement except a small book that she leaves for Taemduang to read. Athon doesn't believe Pim, trusts his father and even slaps Pim as she is bringing trouble with Taemduang. Chaoson proposes to take care of Pim but she cannot accept as she still loves Athon and knows that Athon's sister, Kratin, loves Chaoson. Taemduang and her mother visit Athon's family on countryside but Taemduang is a city girl so she cannot match well with the place. Taemduang's mother wants Athon to clarify about his relationship with Pim. Athon asks Pim to declare that there is nothing between them but she refuses. As Athon becomes angry, a fight occurs with Chaoson. A pawnshop owner now asks Pim and her grandmother to pay their debt. If not they will be expelled from their home. Pim has no choice than to ask Athon to help and to accept his request. Before Athon and Pim can find an agreement, Taemduang refuses to give any money to Pim. Pim decides to hang herself. Hopefully Phi Sanoo, a local rich man, prevents her to die and promises to help. Sanoo fails to be here when the pawnshop owner claims the house back. He finally comes back and installs Pim in a beautiful house. Meanwhile Taemduang is trying to seduce Sanoo as he is richer than Athon! Finally Duang and her mother perjury is disclosed and they end in prison. Athon's father becomes crazy. Athon wishes to leave Pim again as he is not a good man and doesn't deserve Pim's compassion and forgiving. Finally couples Pim / Athon and Chaoson / Kratin can have happiness together. This film is Petchara Chaowarat’s first movie. It is an old movie beautifully restored and colorful. There are 1960s stereotypes actresses roles such as the jealous girlfriend (นางอิจฉา) smoking, wearing sexy clothes versus the pure leading actress (นางเอก).

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