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Year: 1961

Thai title: รุ้งเพชร
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Preuhat Boonlong,Adinan Singhiran
Main actress: Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng,Juree Osiri,Sarinthip Siriwan,Mom Chan Phuangwan

This movie รุ้งเพชร was shot in 1961. Main actors are Sombat Methanee and Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng. It was Sombat Methanee’s first movie (พระเอกใหม่). It was first opportunity for Sombat as a handsome young and muscular leading actor. Sombat was 4 to 5 years younger than the leading actress. This 16mm version is partially lost and only 48 minutes are still left to be seen. The film has no sound as all 16mm movies were dubbed. Rung’s best close friend is a bird "NOK IENG" (นกเอี้ยง) sitting on her shoulder. As often in old Thai movies, bad female characters are depicted as smoking girls. Another version, a 35mm film, was shot in 1980 with Sorapong Chatree, Sor Asanajinda, Settha Sirachaya as actors and Nanthida Kaewbuasai, Pissamai Wilaisak, Piathip Kumwong, Thitima Sangkapitak, Nantada Ngaokrajang as actresses. A few sequences can be seen in both movies such as fruit throwing on Sombat's head, Sombat as a teacher to a stubborn student, Sombat looking for Rung who has fled from home. A nice old Renault 1960 is driven by Sombat. Some sequences only happen in 1961 version such as a romantic sequence in a cave, Sombat doing unsuccessful iron clothing and cooking food. The 1961 version still has a quite colorful image.

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