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Year: 1984

Thai title: บ้านสาวโสด
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Boo Wibunnan,Somchai Samipak,Somkuan Krajangsat,Supakorn Srisawat,Krong Kangkengdaeng
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol,Metta Roongrat,Pissamai Wilaisak,Mayura Thanabutr,Pornpan Ketmamatsu,Janthana Siriporn,Manat Boonkiet

Thai movie บ้านสาวโสด was released in year 1984. The TV cable version lasts around 1h55mn and is coming from channel "true thaifilm". So cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and even sexy posters on the wall are blurred. Two songs are featured in this movie. A first version of this movie was released in year 1970 with Mitr Chaibancha, Kanchit Kwanpracha and Petchara Chaowarat. Three sisters are still single, i.e. Yip (Metta Roongrat), Teuan (Pissamai Wilaisak), Waraipon (Mayura Thanabutr). One is her mid- forties, one is her mid-thirties, one is her mid-twenties. Yip likes women more than men. A lawyer (อำนวย ศิริจันทร์) discloses the father's testament. They get heritage from their father including the house to share. If they ever marry, they lose any rights to the house. Being singles, they challenge each other who will get married first. A friend will send her son Ting (หลาน) to stay in their house after having studied in Bangkok. The domestic helpers (Janthana Siriporn...) leave as there are fed up by miser Teuan. Plaew (Piyamas Monayakol) is hired as new domestic helper. The three ladies get interest into Ting (Toon Hiransap), 26 years old, as he is very handsome (หน้าหอม). Ting meets Tangwon (Boo Wibunnan) and Metti (Supakorn Srisawat). They wish to rent the house behind บ้านสาวโสด. Businessman Somchai Samipak has a new wife. His daughter is Plaew but she left home as she is unhappy with her new stepmother Vichanee (Pornpan Ketmamatsu). Plaew is suspected by Ting to be the daughter of a rich businessman. Ting's parents are played by Somkuan Krajangsat and Manat Boonkiet. Teuan is worried that Plaew will take Ting from them. Ting's father already found a fiancee for his son. Thanks to Krong Kangkengdaeng, Ting is hired as a driver (คนขับรถ) by Somchai. Plaew and her sister wonder why Ting behaves this way. The new young wife Vichanee is Metti's mistress but she asks Ting to keep quiet on this and she provides a photo album on Plaew (คุณหญิง) to Ting. Vichanee also become mistress with Ting (ความต้องการ). Ting fails to show that Plaew is in fact a rich businessman's daughter. Ting’s parents are worried that their son gets enamoured with a domestic helper (เด็กคนใช้). Following a family trip to Pattaya, Ting’s parents meet Plaew’s parents and both of them are uncovered! Romance can finally start between Ting and Plaew.

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