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Year: 1984

Thai title: แตนป่าแตก
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Somkuan Krajangsat,Kowit Wattanakul,Somchai Samipak,Manop Aussawathep
Main actress: Suriwan Suriyong,Pissamai Wilaisak,Sulaleewan Suwanthat,Malee Wetpraseri

Thai movie แตนป่าแตก was released in year 1984. It features Toon Hiransap as main actor and Suriwan Suriyong as main actress. The movie is lost in Thailand but a sequence of 27 minutes remains to be seen. Other actors are Kowit Wattanakul, Pissamai Wilaisak, Manop Aussawathep, เสกสิทธิ์, กาญจนา นิ่มนวล, Somchai Samipak, Somkuan Krajangsat. Suriwan Suriyong was named as Queen of Thai action movies (นางเอกนักบู๊). Taen (Suriwan Suriyong) is very skilled in fighting. Ruffians storm a farm and steal the cattle. Somkuan Krajangsat is the local village headman but always late. Suriyong catches the killers but gets blamed by the village headman as she is doing his job! Her mother is played by Sulaleewan Suwanthat. Tim (Toon Hiransap) in a magician show. He realises Taen is part of a rich family, being the real (แท้ๆ) granddaughter (หลาน) of Yai Malee Wetpraseri. Ann and her mother Pissamai Wilaisak don't welcome Taen as they are worried about sharing heritage. The father, played by Somchai Samipak, has no issue with Taen. Kowit Wattanakul is Ann’s boyfriend. Fed up by intrigues from Pissamai and her daughter, Taen wishes to go home (ไม่สบายใจ). Taen's father was a bandit (เสือ).

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