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Year: 1984

Thai title: น้ำผึ้งป่า
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Lor Tok
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Piathip Kumwong

Two sisters, Chom and Prakai Kaew bear children at the same time. Chom's husband is a bad guy (โจร). Following serious arguments with Chom, he comes to take his child back but Chom gives him Prakai Kaew's child. 17 years passed. Pheung (Jarunee Sooksawad) is a young smart lady living in a village. Her best friend is Phet, a fat cheerful teenager. As they have debts with the local Chinese merchant, they set up a King Kong show at the local temple fair to earn money in order to pay back the debts. It turns to a disaster. Wit, her father, is a reseller of stolen jewelry. Police catches Wit's colleagues. Pheung escapes nearly the police (หนีตำรวจ). A policeman, called Sing, only gets her necklace. Pheung's father is violent and drinks alcohol. He doesn't really love his daughter (ไม่รักลูก). Sing shows the necklace to a local notable who recognize the necklace as her missing granddaughter's necklace. As Prakai Kaew died already, Chom has taken care of Prakai Kaew's daughter, who is in fact Chom's real daughter as Chom exchanged the two girls during the kidnapping. Her daughter is called Lai. The grandfather invites Nam Pheung to stay with her real family. Pheung reaches her new home (บ้านหรือวัง). She is renamed as Nam Pheung. Chom is not happy and refuses to recognize her as her daughter. Her friend Phet can join Nam Pheung. There are typical gags when countryside (บ้านนอก) people enter high society (ผู้ดีสังคม). Policeman Sing is Lai's boyfriend. Chom uses ruffians to hurt Nam Pheung but it fails as she knows how to fight. Sing is very interested in Nam Pheung (สนใจเด็กคนนี่). Meanwhile Wit is in trouble with his former colleagues. Wit and Chom were lovers ten years ago. Lai is Chom and Wit's daughter. Chom wants to push Lai to be the wife of a Thai prince. She invents a pretext (ถูกของ) due to black magic for not having recognized Nam Pheung. Nam Pheung is in fact Prakai kaew's daughter. Chom prepares an evil plan again. Nam Pheung is kidnaped by Wit's ruffians. Sing, the prince rescue her. Chom is punished. It is a typical 1980s romance movie following Lakorn style with the leading actress (นางเอก) as Nam Pheung, the leading actor (พระเอก) as Sing, the bad girl (นางอิจฉา) as Lai and Chom, the funny supporting comedian (ตัวตลก) as Phet. Those romance movies were edulcorated with no kiss between the main stars.

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