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Year: 1982

Thai title: แววมยุรา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Nard Poowanai
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad

A rich man, Sayongphu, is fed up with modern Thai women. They are more interested in his money than his heart. He decides to play a poor man in order to seduce a lady called Waew. His new name is Chak. Waew often quits job as her bosses always try to take advantage of her and seduce her lavishly. The last one was San, a half Chinese half Thai man. A company recruits Waew at 3000 baht a week. She just needs to stop looking for a new job and there is no need to come to office. The boss of the company is a mysterious rich owner, i.e. Sayongphu. She is offered a car to use. She decides to find him to know why he is behaving this way. Failing to find him, she collides Chak's old car. She goes to his home and discover his world. For her also goodness (ความดี) is more important than money. She goes to Pattaya with friends and Chak. San complains to Waew's mother but she cannot help him as she cannot control her daughter's heart (เลี้ยงตัวได้ เลี้ยงหัวใจไม่ได้). Waew starts to appreciate Chak very much but still try to know who is Sayongphu. When Chak asks to marry Waew, she first refuses as she is worried to be a financial burden for poor Chak. It leads Chak to believe that Waew is also only interested by money. Once misunderstanding is clarified, Waew and Chak marry and Chak admits he is Sayongphu. This movie is a typical good mood romance movie from early 1980s with superstars Sorapong Chatree and Jarunee Sooksawad.

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