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Year: 1980

Thai title: วัยสวิง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Jatuphol Poopirom,Krailat Kriengkrai
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Nipaporn Nongnuch,Tharika Thidathip

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Nout, a young female teen, is walking along the beach. She steals a golden Buddha necklace (สร้อยลูก) and flees. Et, young man from a rich family, helps as some people are chasing Nout. Nout plays a mute girl (แม่ใบ้), steals also his wallet and disappears. Nout lives with her mother in a shack. Her elder sister, Oon, is gone and left her young child behind. Nout sells sea jewels for tourists on Pattaya beach. Panoo, Oon’s sister boyfriend, writes a letter and refuses to recognize that he is the father of the child. Nout discovers that Et is Panoo's young brother. By giving back the wallet, she tries to find where is Panoo but Panoo has just died from a cancer. Panoo’s family is aware that Panoo has a young child and wishes to find him. His family publishes a newspaper article. Hopefully a neighbour warns Nout' s family so they decide to bring the baby for its good sake future. Panoo 's mother wants Nout and her mother to stay to take care of the baby. Et discovers that the wallet's robber is Nout, sibling of the baby. Nout refuses to recognize her faults (ใจแขง). She faces animosity from Anong, a domestic helper, who dreams to marry Et and also from Khun, Et's girlfriend (แฟน). Phi Sing is a rickshaw driver who loves Anong. A few verbal fights happen between Nout and Khun (ไม่ยอมจริงๆ, เรื่องหยุมหยิม). Nout is sent to school to finish her studies. Anong tries to push Khun against Nout so that she can have Et for herself only. Pak, friend of the family, has high interest in Nout (เด็กดื้อ). Et is upset as he loves Nout but cannot say it. His mother pushes him to marry Khun but his dream is to marry Nout. Anong declares her love to Et but to no avail. Pak wants to marry Nout and asks Et to be his requester (พ่อซื้อ). She needs to think about it. Anong is fired as she tried to hide the grandmother’s ring into Nout's room in order to accuse her of robbery. Finally Anong-Khun collusion is disclosed. To justify her sacking, she lies and complains to Phi Sing that Et tried to rape her. She soothes him as she wants to take revenge. Nout doesn't love Pak so refuses the wedding proposal. A modern lady shall marry for love and not for position (รักเหมือนน้อง). Anong and Phi Sing steal the baby and ask for a 100 000 Baht ransom. Jarunee’s boxing skills are well shown off. Following a fight between Anong and Nout, the baby is finally released through a fierce mud fight. But Nout and her mother decide to go back to Pattaya to avoid causing more troubles. Et drives there and ask Nout to come back to Bangkok as his wife. It is a typical romantic movie from 1980s decade. Jarunee always excels playing the upcountry girl that has a swift tongue and knows how to give witty and sharp answers.

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