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Year: 1975

Thai title: โบตั๋น
English title: I remember

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Nard Poowanai,Somkuan Krajangsat,Sawin Sawangrat
Main actress: Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit,Wang Ping

Movie "I remember" is a Thai / Taiwanese coproduction. Young couple Nat and Zhengzhai are in a romantic relationship. Zhengzhai's father is named Mooyi. A domestic helper gives to Zhengzhai a letter from her mother. It tells the real story of her mother called Modai. Mooyi knows Modai since childhood. Mooyi is coming from a rich family but Modai is coming from a poor family. Mooyi's parents want to marry him to a rich family's daughter. Meanwhile a ruffian requests her hand to her father but Modai refuses. Knowing the love between Mooyi and Modai, the ruffian starts to be jealous. Mooyi and Modai often help each other in the fields. One day, following a thunderstorm, they take refuge in a small hut and become lovers. Knowing this, Modai's father has a stroke. Modai becomes pregnant. Aware of this, the ruffian warns the mother. Modai delivers the baby. The mother tries to buy the baby from Modai but she refuses. While Mooyi is away, the ruffian plays a bad trick to the father. An expensive ring is put in his jacket pocket. As the baby is kidnapped, Modai knows the baby must be at the mother's home. There the father is accused of stealing an expensive ring. Modai has no choice but to sign a discharge regarding the baby to avoid her father going to jail. They move to another house. Back from business trip, Mooyi doesn't understand why Modai has signed such paper and has left. He indulged into alcohol. Meanwhile the ruffian tries to abuse Modai but she resists. The ruffian presents her to a man directing a club but it is another bad trick. The director tries to abuse Modai. Her father, pressenting a problem, has followed them. Trying to help his daughter, he fights with the ruffian and gets stabbed accidentally. Having get rid of the director, Modai finds her dead father and stabs in return the ruffian. She is sentenced to 20 years of prison. Years have passed. Her daughter Zhengzhai is now a grown up woman and having a relationship with Nat. They visit Ancient city, Nakhon Pathom, floating market together. Two times she meets her daughter but is too shy to tell her who she really is. Finally a domestic helper discloses the truth. Zhengzhai and Modai can be reunited. Modai is present to Zhengzhai and Nat’s wedding. This movie is related to the poor Chinese family versus rich Thai Chinese family theme. It is a lost Thai movie but it is still available in Taiwan in VCD format under the name "牡丹淚". Two big Taiwan stars are present, i.e. Shih Szu and Wang Ping. Sombat Methanee is wearing fantastic and colorful shirts from decade 1970s.

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