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Year: 1974

Thai title: กังหันสวาท
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Neramit

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Sukon Koewliam,Krai Kanchit
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat

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It is the last movie fully completed by Mitr Chaibancha before his death. The movie was shot in 1970 but only released in 1974 as the team was not in the mood to complete the movie after Mitr Chaibancha’s death. The movie features Thai superstars Mitr Chaibancha / Petchara Chaowarat and also Margareth Lin, Hong Kong actress. Lit (Mitr Chaibancha) is Lin’s boyfriend (แฟน). He is coming from a well-off family (ลูกผู้ดี) but Lin is coming from a poor family (คนจน). Lin's mother is worried as she doesn’t see any future to this relationship. Her friend Tiu also tells her this love is impossible. Lit's parents introduces Duangporn, a young lady from Hong Kong, to him. They often played together during their childhood. She is perfect (สวย, เรียบร้อย, มีความรู้). Lin is informed by Tiu, who saw Lit and Duangporn together but Lit loves Lin so he is not willing to marry Duangporn despite his parents’ pressure. Duangporn is aware of Lit's hidden love. At evening time, she makes him drink alcohol so that he has no strength to go out to see Lin (เด็กสมัยนี้ไม่อายหรอก). Lin waited whole night. Lit has to go back to Bangkok without seeing Lin in order to bring Duangporn back home. He simulates a car engine issue so that Duangporn has to go first. He then can see Lin freely. They spend the night together but Lin's mother doesn't trust Lit as she believes Lit only plays with a countryside girl (เด็กบ้านนอก). Lit is too shy to say the truth to his parents and only tells the truth to Duangporn. She is so sad so she tells the truth to Lit’s parents also. Lit's parents pressure Lin's parents to forbid any more meeting (ติดต่อ) together. Duangporn goes back to Hong Kong to finish her studies. But Lin is pregnant. Lit's mother refuses any wedding but Lit's father accepts that Lin can stay in their home. Lin needs to become a high society (ผู้ดี) lady in a short time but it is not an easy task due to the pressure put by Lit’s mother. During a party Lin meets her friend Tiu, working as waiter, so being very happy and causing Lit to lose face. Lit goes during 6 months to Hong Kong with his father to open a company. Lin's mother is very sick. She dies while Lin is giving birth. Lit's mother makes a deal with Lin's father. She gives him 20 000 bath to get the baby and to never see again them again again (ดูถูกคนจน). Lin is hit by a car and sent to hospital. Meanwhile her father spent all the money gambling. Lit comes back to Thailand late and is is not aware of anything. Only Tiu helps Lin at the hospital. Lin's father lies to Lit saying that Lin flees away with Tiu and abandoning her baby. Duangporn tries to comfort Lit who keeps indulging in alcohol to forget Lin. They finally marry. Tiu is having issues with ruffians as he needs to reimburse Lin’s hospital fees to them. Lin needs to sing to earn money to reimburse them. Many nice old songs are sung by Lin. By luck Lin meets an old friend of Lit. The truth is now known and all the evil done by the mother uncovered. Lit’s father arranges to pay back the debt but during a fight with the ruffians, Lin is injured at the head. It takes time for her to recover. Duangporn welcomes her back home. One night, Lin hears Lit and Duangporn discussing. She hears that Duangporn has decided to go back to stay with her father in order that Lin and Lit can have happiness. She leaves their home unwilling to break Duangporn happiness with Lit as she has been so kind to her. She learns that Tiu has been killed by ruffians. Seeing no future to her life she wishes to die. Finally a nun convinces her to enter Buddhist nuns' community to find happiness and inner peace. Despite Duangporn's request she confirms her final decision. Strong compassion and gratitude feelings happen in this movie.

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