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Year: 1970

Thai title: วนาสวรรค์
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Surasit Sattayawong
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Metta Roongrat,Sopha Sataporn,Chadaporn Wachirapranee

วนาสวรรค์ is a Thai movie released in year 1970 and featuring main actors Sombat Methanee and Pissamai Wilaisak. Other actors are Surasit Sattayawong, Metta Roongrat, Sopha Sataporn, Chadaporn Wachirapranee. The movie cannot be found in any format in Thailand. Luckily two reels are still available in Thailand belonging to two collectors groups. The two reels are unfortunately not consecutive. Thanks to a group of former dubbers performing with 16mm movies, an old reel with small parts of lost films was found in year 2013. The first reel left is 23 minutes long. Katoua (Pissamai) is a mountain people (ชาวเขา). Metta Roongrat is acting as jealous lady. As Katoua has no more relatives, Sombat agrees to send Katoua to Bangkok bringing jealousy to Metta and disappointment to Sopha. Both of them love secretly Sombat also. Katoua goes first to Bangkok but Sombat stays behind. While in Bangkok, Pissamai gets hit by a ruffian and loses memory (ความจำเสื่อม). She cannot remember Sombat and has arguments with him. Back to the mountains, she cannot eat local food anymore. The first reel is in very good condition and still colorful. The second left reel is 28 minutes long. Sombat wants to see who is the young man called Somchai (สมชาย ศรีภูมิ) trying to date Sopha. Sombat seems to be an administration officer working in the forest. Katoua (สาวกรุงเทพ) falls from the stairs. It seems that Katoua was never really a mountain people but was sent in the North of Thailand by her father in order to be safe. Somchai and his men try to force in order to enter in the forest. Following a fist fight between Sombat and Somchai, they become friends. Sombat is following a ruffian who succeeds to escape a first time but finally this latter gets strangled by a big snake. The second reel is in poor condition. There is damaged picture with many lines but luckily it is still colorful. No movie summary is unfortunately left.

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