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Year: 1968

Thai title: ดอกบัว
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: จิตติน

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Adul Dulyarat,Anucha Ratanaman,Choomporn Theppitak,Chao Klaewklong,Paen Pleumsachai,Sithao Petcharoen,Daonoi Duangjai,Sukon Koewliam
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Metta Roongrat,Phong Lada Pimolpan,Manat Boonkiet,Chosri Misommon

Thai movie ดอกบัว was released in year 1968. This movie features an impressive collection of Thai actors and actresses from the 1960s. Main actors and actresses include Mitr Chaibancha, Petchara Chaowarat, Adul Dulyarat, Metta Roongrat, อภิญญา วีระขจร, Anucha Ratanaman, Choomporn Theppitak, ฤทธี นฤบาล, บุษกร สาครรัตน์, Phong Lada Pimolpan, โยธิน เทวราช, ใจดาว บุษยา, Chao Klaewklong, Manat Boonkiet, วงศ์ ศรีสวัสดิ์, สิงห์ มิลินทราศัย, จุ๋มจิ๋ม ศรทอง, เทียว ธารา, Paen Pleumsachai, เชาว์ มีคุณสุต, Sithao Petcharoen, Daonoi Duangjai, Sukon Koewliam, Chosri Misommon. Movie director is จิตติน. The film was never released on VHS / VCD / DVD format and was lost in Thailand. In the year 2022, the 16mm film was found in Kalasin province, but it was damaged by rain and humidity. Luckily the image is still colourful. A succession of short sequences (เศษฟิล์ม) can be seen and around 14 minutes (one reel) are left to be seen. A little girl is getting lotus from a lotus field. She will be played by Petchara Chaowarat as an adult. The movie takes place in a rich family. Mitr Chaibancha is discussing and having arguments with his parents Khun Wong and Manat Boonkiet. Petchara is walking on the street. Choomporn Theppitak passes by with his car and brings her back home. Petchara visits Phong Lada Pimolpan being at the hospital. She gives her an amulet with a lotus picture inside and dies. No summary is available.

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