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Year: 1968

Thai title: สาวบ้านแต้
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Sukon Koewliam,Daonoi Duangjai
Main actress: Suthisa Putnuch,Metta Roongrat,Malee Wetpraseri,Mom Chan Phuangwan,Yaowaret Nisakorn,Preeya Roongrueng,Manat Boonkiet

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Thai movie สาวบ้านแต้ was released in year 1968 and lasts 2h23mn. It is available under VCD format by famous company XxX owned by Toh Pantamit. It is a romantic sad movie (หนังรักโศก). The image picture is still very colorful. Nawin (Sombat Methanee) and Khon (Prachuap Ruekyamdee) visit a village administrated by village leader Sukon Koewliam. Pong (Daonoi Duangjai) is their friend. Nawin, learning how to ride a bicycle, makes young lady Khangpu (Suthisa Putnuch) falling. ChangDee (Metta Roongrat) is her elder sister. Khangpu's mother was seduced by a Bangkok man many years ago and thrown away when she was pregnant. Due to shame, she got suicide. Khangpu doesn't know who her father is. So grandmother Malee Wetpraseri tries to prevent Nawin and Prachuap to meet the young ladies ChangDee and Khangpu. Better beware of Bangkok people (คนกรุงเทพ). They continue to follow the ladies up to an outdoor cascade or local market. Ruffian Ma tries to seduce and abuse Khangpu. Hopefully Nawin and his friends beat them away. Khangpu still cannot trust them per her grandmother's advice. Ma and ruffians are back. Nawin is injured at the head so he gets pity from the young ladies. Both Khangpu and Changdee love Nawin as Pong sent Nawin's love letter to the wrong person, i.e. Changdee. Nawin and Khangpu finally become lovers. Nawin has to go back urgently back to Bangkok per his mother's request. She found a fiancee called Orapin (Yaowaret Nisakorn) for him! Her sister Chana is played by Preeya Roongrueng. The mother rejects the request of Nawin to break the engagement. Khangpu believes Nawin has another wife in Bangkok. Khangpu is pregnant 3 months already. Months pass and Nawin is not back. Khangpu delivers a small boy. Wedding ceremony with Orapin is happening and many guests are joining the party. 3 years have passed and Khangpu is crying every day. The grandmother suggests they go to Bangkok to find Nawin. They find him and Nawin explains he was forced by his mother to marry Orapin. The mother (Manat Boonkiet) invites Khangpu (เมียบ้านนอก) to stay in her home but it is a trick. The mother, Orapin and Chana try everything to have Nawin breaks up with Khangpu. They succeed. Finally Orapin was having an affair with another man. It turns badly and she is strangled. Nawin is accused of murder but his friends can demonstrate that he is not guilty. Nawin and Khangpu can have happiness together.

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