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Year: 1968

Thai title: สกุลกา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Pisarn Akraseranee,Adul Dulyarat,Man Teeraphol
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Prim Praphaporn,Boosara Narumit

Dara, Deuan (Boosara Narumit) and Dao are three ladies living together. They are not rich. Deuan works in a club as a partner to earn money for her younger niece Dao (Petchara Chaowarat) to study. Anong (Mitr Chaibancha) and Poon (Pisarn Akraseranee) are brothers. The club manager (ผู้จัดการ) loves Deuan. Another young man Trin loves secretly Deuan also. The manager warns Poon about Deuan. Poon respects Deuan and helps her financially. Dara and Deuan prefer avoid coming to school events to avoid Dao losing face. A rich family wishes to adopt Dao as their daughter (อุปกรณ์) as she is coming from a poor family without a father and she has very good behavior. The parents are Kanchanarot (Adul Dulyarat) and Varee. Dara and Deuan are not willing as they have a secret animosity against this family. Anong wishes his brother to stop seeing Deuan as the manager even sent ruffians to hit Poon due to jealousy. Finally Anong sent his brother abroad for study. Wadee is Varee’s daughter. It is scheduled that Anong and Wadee will certainly marry. Dara is hit by a car and dies. Kanchanarot meets Deuan. They had an affair long time ago. Kanchanarot believes Dao is his own daughter with Deuan. Choem is her old name. Meanwhile Sia, a ruffian, falls in love with Dao and offers 150 000 baht to Deuan to marry Dao. Sia and the club manager wish to take Dao and Deuan as wives. Deuan flees before the one month deadline expiry and accepts Dao to stay in Kanchanarot ‘s family. Valai, Varee’s sister, tries to bring jealousy in Varee and Wadee's heart against Dao (จะรักมากจะลืมคนอื่น). Poon loves also Dao but got another love, Pen, while studying abroad. He requests help from his elder brother. Anong has the difficult task (พ่อซื้อ) to ask Dao’s hand for his younger brother despite he loves secretly Dao. Dao cries as she also loves secretly Anong. Deuan contacts Dao and assures Anong is much better than Poon. Dao decides to marry Trin as she doesn't want to hurt Wadee. Poon and Pen finally marry. Trin refuses to marry Dao as he knows Dao doesn't love him. Finally Sia kidnaps Dao to have her becoming his wife. The movie ends tragically with Trin giving his life to protect Dao and taking the blame regarding the knife used by Deuan to stab Sia. Mothers have often similar age as daughters in old Thai movies! It was Pisarn Akraseranee first movie. A Thai TV serie สกุลกา was made in 2009 based on a similar scenario.

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