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Year: 1966

Thai title: โนห์รา
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Cherd Songsri,Wichit Khunawut,Sor Asanajinda

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Lor Tok
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Preeya Roongrueng,Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng

Tiew is a young man performing Nora (รำโนราห์ใต้) dance in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. The Nora is a traditional dance of South Thailand. In South Thai language it is called the "Chatri" (ชาตรี). Tiew is in love with a lady called Pimpa (Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng). Pimpa is pregnant with him but her grandmother refuses this love. She drugs Pimpa with a sleep potion in order that a Bangkok lawyer becomes her husband instead of a Nora dance performer. Pimpa wishes to get suicide but her aunt convinces her to tell the truth to Tiew. She doesn't dare and Tiew rejects Pimpa. Pimpa decides to keep the child and gives her child the name "Nora". 18 years passed. Pimpa is only a minor wife (เมียน้อย) and works as a domestic helper to pay for Nora studies. The lawyer's daughter, called Kaekae (Preeya Roongrueng), dislikes Nora (Pissamai Wilaisak) and likes to spread rumours that Nora's mother works as prostitute. Other students mock Nora. Nora and her real father miss each other. Nora sells sweets in school to help her mother. Kanchit (Sombat Methanee) is Kaekae's boyfriend. Kanchit is seeing many girls as he is rich, single and handsome. Nora learns to perform Nora dance. Kanchit gets interest in Nora despite Nora has already a boyfriend called Sompop. Kanchit is fed up with hi-so girls (ร่างกายสวยแต่ใจไม่สวย). Kaekae's mother hires a ruffian to hurt Nora after a performance. He throws some acid on her face. Sompop is not willing to visit Nora anymore due to her ghost (ผี) face. Hopefully Nora succeeds to recover. Kanchit plans to marry Nora. Following Kaekae's mother orders, Nora is kidnaped. Kanchit follows up the kidnapers and the Thai police is giving a hand. Kaekae got punished as being raped instead of Nora and she becomes crazy. The mother is jailed. Tiew still performs Nora but gets no more interest from the public (โนราห์สมัยเก่า - โนราห์สมัยใหม่). Tiew dies on the stage following a lost bullet. Art (ศิลป์) needs to be kept. Nora needs to perform to honour her father's memory. There is a conflict with Nora and Kanchit wedding day. Kanchit cannot change the date and threaten to cancel the wedding. Nora chooses to go to Nakhon Sri Thammarat. The movie highlights cultural aspects, arts protection and conservation. It is a cherished theme by director Cherd Songsri. This movie is Cherd Songsri's first movie and has still an excellent color conservation. As often, Preeya Roongrueng plays the bad girlfriend. It is a typical 1960s movie with leading actor (พระเอก) coming from rich background, leading actress (นางเอก) coming from a poor background, villains (ตัวกง) wishing to hurt Nora, funny comedians supporting the leading actor (ตัวตลก - Lor Tok as Kanchit's driver), bad girls (นางอิจฉา) played by Kaekae and her mother. It mixes action, love, comedy and drama. It was the most successful Thai movie in 1966. This movie has also been adapted as a Thai TV serie (ละคร).

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