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Year: 1964

Thai title: ดวงตาสวรรค์
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Wichit Khunawut

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Adul Dulyarat,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Preuhat Boonlong,Sukon Koewliam,Daonoi Duangjai
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Sopha Sataporn,Sarinthip Siriwan

Thai movie ดวงตาสวรรค์ was released in year 1964. Director is Wichit Khunawut. Main actor is Sombat Methanee and main actresses are Pissamai Wilaisak and Sopha Sataporn. Other actors / actresses include Adul Dulyarat, Prachuap Ruekyamdee, Preuhat Boonlong, เชาว์ , Sarinthip Siriwan. Sukon Koewliam and Daonoi Duangjai are playing as domestic helpers roles. Pissamai Wilaisak got a Thai cinema award (ตุ๊กตาทอง) for this movie. Wichit Awut also got a Thai cinema award for his directing skills for this movie. This is the first movie played by Sopha Sataporn. This movie is lost in Thailand and only a sequence of 23 minutes is left to be seen. Pissamai is coming from countryside but changed her name ("อีแพน") as she wants to increase her status in Bangkok society ( สาวสังคม / นักเที่ยว). She is now a cinema star (ดารา). She likes Rawin (Sombat Methanee) but he is already engaged with Sopha. Teun (Prachuap Ruekyamdee) is disappointed that Pissamai finally married with Chai (Adul), a teacher training painting arts. Pissamai marries with Adul to have opportunity to be closer to Rawin. Teun and Pissamai know each other since they were youngsters in the countryside. They were lovers before. Before the wedding, Rawin congratulates Pissamai but gets slapped as she tells him she doesn’t love Chai. Teun keeps drinking alcohol as he is disappointed. Pissamai's father visits her knowing she is now a star and married to a rich man. Pissamai is very bad (ร้าย) as she chases away her father and younger brother by trying to give them money. The left sequence ends here. Another recent version was shot in 1981 and features Sorapong Chatree and Pisarn Akraseranee. Thai TV series were also released.

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