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Year: 2012

Thai title: คุณนายโฮ
English title: Crazy crying lady

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Koeti Aramboy,Ray McDonald,Akom Preedakul
Main actress:

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Thai movie คุณนายโฮ / Crazy crying lady was released in year 2012 and lasts 1h43mn. This movie is a modern Thai romantic comedy film (rom-com). Young lady O (อารยา เอ ฮาร์เก็ต) is very emotive and is always crying very easily. Nana (Koeti Aramboy), her brother, is a katoey rejected by her father (เกลียดกะเทย). O’s father (Akom Preedakul) is always wearing military clothes and wishes to sacrifice himself for the Thai nation. Bol (Ray McDonald) is O's boyfriend. O has hard time with her family. Her father shoots by mistake her boyfriend in a paintball shooting game. Her brother hits severely another teenager mocking kathoey in a “takraw” ball game. It is hard for O to cope without her mother, who died already. Her boyfriend wants two separate worlds, i.e. one with her only and one with her family without him! She can always find comfort with her male friend Thiradet, being a doctor (คนที่จำเป็น vs คนสำคัญ). He is always listening and trying to find solutions for her. The doctor Thiradet (ธีรเดช เมธาวราวุธ) identifies O cannot have children soon due to high degenerence of her uterus. She needs to hurry up having a child. The doctor informs the father and his son. They put aside their differences and decide to help her. Her friends convince Boy to invite her in a resort. O is not yet ready as she is waiting for wedding first. She is not ready to enter into a relationship, so they split. Finally, the doctor and O enter into a relationship (แฟน). Unfortunately, it is not timely to have a child but they finally marry. O’s family is finally stable.

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