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Year: 2012

Thai title: รักสุดท้ายป้ายหน้า
English title: First Kiss

Rating: 2/5

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Main actress:

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The movie รักสุดท้ายป้ายหน้า (First Kiss) was released in year 2012. The movie starts with some cliches, i.e. an ugly teen girl called Sa wearing big glasses and braces trying to seduce the top boy พี่ Ong in her school. She dreams about him since years but she is an eternal fool. Sa finally meets him when he is back from studying overseas. The movie features typical sub characters including the gay friend and elder bachelor friend. She dreams about first kiss (จูบแรก). She keeps mixing reality and dreams. She finally kisses accidentally a student called Benz in the bus and lost her mobile phone while hitting him with her bag. He doesn't know how to call her as she is older than him (ป้า or พี่). She gets the phone back from the school. But the boy keeps interfering in her love story with Ong. Benz reveals to Sa that Ong is going to marry soon with Pam. Benz steals her phone again to prevent Sa to contact Ong. Sa has no choice but to enter Benz's school as a student to get back her phone. Benz is also a musician (อยากเป็นแฟน). Sa is already 26 years old so her friends start to insinuate that Benz will not marry her before many years if he ever does. Age difference is too big as he is only 18 years old (ม.๖). The father is a violent guy and refuses that his son goes out instead of studying. Meanwhile Ong is back admitting his wedding with Pam was a mistake and try to go back with Sa. Sa has mixed feeling between her old boyfriend (แฟนเก่า) and potential new boyfriend (แฟนใหม่). Benz has to face his father's bodyguards as he wishes to send him to study abroad and Ong trying to get back Sa. Ong has a child from his wedding with Pam. Finally there is no need to force ourselves on unwanted love and Sa sends back Ong to Pam. Sa wishes to be back with Benz but his father sends him abroad. 5 years have passed. Benz finally comes back for Sa. This romantic school teen comedy includes a few modern songs. Few original surprises are featured in the scenario and the movies finishes with a classic ending.

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