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Year: 2010

Thai title: อยากได้ยินว่ารักกัน
English title: Best Supporting Actor

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Phairoj Jaising
Main actress:

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Song (สอง) is playing music in wedding concerts. He wishes to be a rock star so goes to Bangkok to try his luck. But his friends let him down as they have no success. He finally takes refuge in an old friend’s home. His name is Kao (ก้าว). Song was always number 2 behind Kao since birth. He is even born 5 minutes later. Song cannot go back home as he told his parents he is studying in Bangkok. Kao studies painting. Song finds a job in a local shop selling music CD. He notices a beautiful lady called Nor selling goods in front of his CD shop. She is heartbroken (อกหัก) and is looking for a way to forget. A friendship happens as Song is somebody with a very easy character (คนสบายๆ). There is a misunderstanding with Nor regarding Song as she believes he is gay. Song doesn't know how to seduce girls so Kao and the CD shop owner give him advices. Nor sees him as a friend only but Song loves her fondly. Friendship develops between them. Nor's birthday is coming. Song has prepared a song. It is finally discovered that Kao was Nor's former boyfriend! Kao made a painting of Nor and steals Song's music also. Kao gets all benefits and resumes a relationship with Nor. Song gets the torment to see their happiness. He is still the number 2 (แพ้) behind Kao. The cake prepared by Nor is not for him but for Kao's birthday. The movie features nice Thai modern songs from วงเอ็นโดรฟิน (Endorphine) and แคลอรี่ส์ บลาห์ บลาห์ (Calories Blah Blah). The relationship is becoming impossible with Kao, so Song leaves. Kao is upset with Nor as he believes Nor and Song are cheating him. Wishing to take a break, Song brings Nor to rest at his parents’ home. As Nor is pregnant, Song helps for their reconciliation. Kao and Nor finally wed. Song remains alone also but he is very proud to have brought happiness to Nor. This is true love.

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