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Year: 2010

Thai title: แล้วรัก...ก็หมุนรอบตัวเรา
English title: My Valentine

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Note Chernyim,Akom Preedakul,Jaturong Mokjok
Main actress:

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Many romantic movies related to Valentine day are released recently in Thailand. This one is “My valentine”. This movie is based on Mai’s different three love stories. Mai, a young modern woman, has no boyfriend. Valentine day is coming and she is desperate as she is still alone. Working in a life assurance company, she finally meets Mike, who is involved in charitable associations. As she needs to go to a family diner, she uses Mike to simulate her boyfriend. He requests to take care of her heart (ดูแลหัวใจ). Mike (มิค) is a busy man. He never has time in his busy agenda to meet Mai except through Skype. Flowers or dolls are sent as gifts but Mike has never time even for her birthday. He is the perfect bachelor and match but he has just no time available. Finally on New Year’s Eve he throws away his phone to have time with her. Another story pops up. A new assurance customer, Art (อาร์ท), becomes her boyfriend. He is very funny but he is very direct, is not romantic, is a cheapskate, is selfish, loves himself much more, never brings her to shopping, never holds her hand, shares bills. Her boyfriend is acting this way as he has a deception in a previous love story. The third encounter is with an old friend, Kong (ก้อง), working in highway toll booth. She dumped him four years ago. She breaks his arm by accident so she has to take care of him again. Love finally emerges as she realizes that Kong is a very nice and caring young man. Kong disappears after a while. She finally knows that he has a cancer. So all potential three boyfriends have some good qualities but each of them has also drawbacks. Who shall Mai choose? Through a final reversal she chooses Kong. This modern movie is even mixed with some Thai Japanese cartoon. The movie slogan is “Love is same as a flatulence. You cannot see it but still can feel it”. It is the same team who made the 2009 movie “Before Valentine” (ก่อนรัก หมุนรอบตัวเรา).

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